Call me gorgeous,please!

We certainly didn’t miss this Kodak moment of the lynx on top of the rock. Gotcha!!

Date: September 2008

We were at the Biodome,the huge natural zoo in Montreal. Its a great experience,well worth a day out,coupled with the neighboring Botanical gardens. Link:

We took other nice shots at Biodome(including in 2009,when we returned to do again Montreal and Quebec city),but this shot is probably the  “cherry on the cake”. The big cat is relaxed(which is not always the case;they pace around a lot) and shows us his/her best profile.

What do I dig the most about these big beautiful cats? Those cute tufts on top of their ears!

Happy weekend and see you next week!


5 thoughts on “Call me gorgeous,please!

  1. Definitely going back to Montreal next year, and hopefully with Arni too.. I am doing Montreal posts too, but later on today … Looks like a great zoo, thanks Barbara, we need to go back now 🙂 xox

  2. The Biodome is indeed a really cool place! Nice shot, it,s not easy to take pictures of animals in a zoo, a lot of them are hiding.

  3. OMG…he/she is so beautiful, they don’t even look real!!

    Yeah, I agree….love the tuffs on the ears!

    Have a super weekend, my friend!

    ((( Barb )))))


  4. Hi friends-

    Dedene- How are you? I love this pic too! A beautiful animal in a very natural pose= happy photographer 🙂 Happy weekend my friend.

    Anne- Iam so glad that you are going back to Montreal. By all means do; its a big and varied city. The Biodome is well worth it. You can take the tube to there directly. If I can be of help in suggesting sites,let me know xoxo

    Zhu- Salut! This is a photographer’s “safari”. They are there,hidden or sleeping. Others are active and don’t stop moving. in 2009, we re-did the Biodome(+ gardens that time),and it was impossible to photograph lynx. Too nervous!

    Ronnie- Hey there! Just call it the “glamour boy/girl”. The pose is so impeccable…
    I love those moments when waiting for a pic produces such results. Somestimes,its the contrary and you have to accept that too!

    Happy weekend guys.

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