Going nuts

If you go nuts,it may as well be about squirrels… This fluffy tailed scavengers seem to be everywhere we go on the East coast & Canada too. They never leave us indifferent!

They are at home everywhere;this one enjoys the calm of a graveyard.

Yet,others seek out their peers. These two were actually playing,boxing or jousting!( click on the photo to see closer up).

These two were chasing each other quicklyaround a tree! It explains the slightly fuzzy picture.

All this moving, it makes for a hearty appetite:


See you soon 🙂


7 thoughts on “Going nuts

  1. Hello Barbara .. you have to be quick trying to take their photos, I tried at my mother in laws as she has squirrels that come into her garden .. and that is in London 🙂

    The grave yard at the top looks kind of sad ..bit empty 😦

    xox hugs Anne

  2. Bonjour Barbara!

    “If you go nuts,it may as well be about squirrels… ”

    Yup….that’s me! HAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHA!

    I LOVE squirrels!!!! Fabulous shots!

    And I know exactly where you took these.


    Thanks for sharing the nuttiness, my friend!

    (((( Barb )))))


  3. Hi friends-
    Bonjour Anne! Yes, taking pictures of ssuirrels can… drive you nuts! They are constantly moving or bobbing up & down. I see squirrels in the parks here,but they do not come out among the people like those we have seen in North America.
    The cemetery is a very old one,with gravestones dating back from the 1700s. I shouls feature these one day… xoxo

    Ronnie- Hellooo! How are you,dear?
    I just know that you would recognize a couple of these. Of course;Washington square,Philadelphia! But the last two are not;Montreal!
    Hey what can I say; a bit of nutiness makes life fun!!

  4. I miss the grey squirrels of North America. Here as you probably have noticed there are little red squirrels with tuffs of fur on their ears. But they are skittish and it’s impossible to get a picture.

  5. Bonjour Dedene,

    Yes,I have had “close encounters with the red European squirrels,and.. they are short lived moments. I had one that started to crawl up my leg the last time I was at the Parc de Sceaux! I neither have a decent shot of one of these…
    I think that the grey ones are more daring;(they come really close up to you) and I just dig that big fluffy tail!!

  6. There are a lot of squirrels in Canada, and they are pretty used to people so it’s a good chance to take great shots… like yours!

    J’aime ces p’tites bestioles 😉

  7. Salut Zhu,
    I like the North American squirrels boldness;they will do just about anything for a handout! OK; maybe not YET song & dance. Thanks my dear;we love these creatures and each time the pull is there to photograph them. J’adore ces sacré bestioles aussi 🙂

    Bises xx

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