Seeing pink

I (heart) this scene:
Click for a close up.

Date:Sept 2006

San Diego zoo

A flock of that is definitely” tropic cool“,with all that pretty pink. I love it.

But when D set up to shoot, there’s a Mommy flamingo right in the center who started feeding her baby.Baby dosen’t have his/her flying colors yet,much drabber than Mommy and its elders.

I checked it on wiki,and yes,those pinky shades that make the flamingo so pretty do come from their diet.It comes from what is called “carotenoid proteins“,that are found in nature by eating  brine shrimp plankton and blue-green algae.Because nature never does something half-way,their beaks are designed like a sieve,to sift the mud from the goodies that they eat.

I enjoyed the San Diego zoo,which I recommend for anyone visiting SD,adults or children.I will leave you with the link:

Happy weekend ! I will be moving on to some pics of “elsewhere” next week.


6 thoughts on “Seeing pink

  1. Wow now that would be worth seeing… 🙂 So that is how they get there colour .. interesting.

    Just to let you know, I did not buy anything in Montreal, except what we ate… I have my photos and memories .. Oh sorry I did buy a scarf and top… but nothing souvenir . Oh yeah and don’t forget I got my new haircut.. I will never forget that hairdresser 🙂 see you soon xoxo

  2. Hiya Barbara!

    This beautiful photo reminds me so much of living in Florida. Their is a horse race track in south Florida that’s call Hialeah Park that has flamingos in the center of the race track. It’s so cool to see all those flamingos in the middle while all the horses are racing around them.

    Have a beautiful weekend, my friend!


  3. Hi friends,

    Ron- Hello! Hialeh…That name seems familiar,but I have never seen the racetrack itself. Oooh;that must be pretty. Iam sure that you have seen a lot of beautiful spots in FL,after living there 20 something years.Your turn to show pics! 🙂

    Happy Monday to ya buddy XO

    Zhu- Salut. You know of course,what a privege that is to see animals in their habitat? It must have been spectacular.I haven’t had that luck so far,though I could go to the Camargue region in France to see flamingos. Maybe one day 🙂

    Bises xx

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