Time to say Thank you

(borrowed illustration)

This one’s for each and every one of you, friends and passersby who have been through this blog this summer.
If you came through and just looked without commenting,that’s OK.

But if you came back more than once because you liked what you saw,don’t be shy(don’t believe the rumors;Idon’t bite 🙂 )Leave a comment.I’ll be happy to get to know you.

Thank you so much EVERYBODY for taking the time to comment and share.

This is only a modest photo blog. But,choosing pictures,and sharing with you all has not only kept me occupied,it has kept my sanity. It has made me think a little less of my problems.For those who may not know me well,this means clearing out my late FIL’s home(a small home that is chock full of stuff) and dealing with the paperwork. I have one word for the whole situation: HUGE

Photo blogging also gives me hope for the future. I tell myself that a new future is coming for D & I. Though you can’t ever live without problems,these can’t last forever…And yes,we do intend to start traveling when time and money permit us to do that.

But in the meanwhile,get ready for… San Francisco!

6 thoughts on “Time to say Thank you

  1. Thank YOU, my friend!

    It’s a pleasure and joy to stop by and see what wonderful treasures you share in the way of photographs and stories.

    It’s soooooooooooo enjoyed!

    Can’t wait to see more of San Francisco!

    (((( Barb )))))

    Have a wonderful day, my friend!


  2. It will definitely get better! I know you two had a hard time with year and that it’s not easy to deal with losing a loved one. Stay strong, it will be better soon!

  3. Ronnie- Hugs back to you,dear (((((Ronnie)))))
    Iam so happy that you enjoyed the show 🙂 There is more and I have faith for the future too.See you soon!

    Zhu- Salut chérie 🙂 Oh yes; it has been one of the hardest years ever.But life is like that at times.And it WILL be OK. I’ll do my best to stay zen and not break. It helps to do what you enjoy,of course.
    Bisous xx

  4. Hey Barbara – it’s a pleasure to drop by to see & share some of the things you’ve seen on your travels. I just love those laid back seals a few postings back – maybe that’s the mode to aim for – for us all!

    Joyce x

  5. Thank you to you Barbara .. You certainly have had a hard time, but through it all, you are still able to share your fab photos with us , and show us parts of the world lots of us have not visited 🙂

    Hugs Anne

  6. Hi ladies,

    Joyce- It is a pleasure for me to share our visions of the world. Because beauty,laughter and interesting sights are everywhere!! Iam glad that the seals made you smile;quite honestly,I would love to be in a lazy mode at the moment. It won’t work(for now) 🙂
    Take care.

    Anne- Once again, the pleasure was mine. I kept the blog up all summer and was glad to do so.I do not think that I will be traveling far away for the time being but my eyes are open to the world. Even to closer destinations in France/Europe.

    Hugs to you also who love travel and friendship xo

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