Meet the painted ladies

No,its not what you might think 😉
Presenting an example of those ladies:

Painted ladies refers to Victorian and Edwardian styles of homes that have three of more colors in them.These homes generally date from the 1840s up to 1915.

You can read more on :

This row of homes up there has to be the most photographed homes in San Francisco.

This is the famous block of homes in Alamo square. The square is of course,in front of these homes,and on a hilly mound. Which makes for also a small glimpse of Downtown.
I have seen postcards which were  with those buildings towering over this quaint block… I’m wondering if they must have brought a ladder to do that. Because ours is the normal view. I guess the pros keep their secrets.

Below,are two other old wooden homes. Enjoy the details!

What I like are the windows… I could have easily imagined myself sitting on a window bench inside reading or surfing the net.If we ever go back,we have to find a B&B in one these type of homes 🙂

Happy weekend friends,and see you soon for more!!


4 thoughts on “Meet the painted ladies

  1. Hi Dedene,

    Yes!I think that all the vistors would agree that these girls look just beautiful! Whoever has seen pictures of the 1906 great earthquake & fire knows that it is a miracle to have them still around. A lot of dedicated restauration and now preservation which I applaud!

    Happy weekend 🙂

  2. Bonjour Barbara!

    Ooooo…oooo….I LOVE these homes! I’ve seen them in several movies that I’ve watched. They were in the HBO movie “Tales of the City” (which I know you read the book).

    “What I like are the windows… I could have easily imagined myself sitting on a window bench inside reading or surfing the net.”

    Me too! These homes are so comfy and inviting. I can only imagine the price for one of these babies?!?!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend! Enjoyed, enjoyed, enjoyed!

    Happy Weekend!


  3. Hello Ronnie,

    My,my;wouldn’t we two be the crazies if we both lodged in one of these homes?! Iam really laughing at that thought!
    Yes, it is the return to Barbary lane in the Tales of the city.Indeed!
    There are so many little details that come together like a charm!!

    Have a great week

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