Looking down from Coit tower

Just a few shots looking down on San Francisco from the tower:

Looking towards the Oakland bridge and Embarcadero.


A somewhat hazy Transamerica pyramid,framed in a window. Look at the coins on the window sill. Yes!

Coins!! Slipped under the window. And this was on all the window sills.Go figure…


6 thoughts on “Looking down from Coit tower

  1. Ronnie- Isn’t it grand? We just turned one way and another;towards the sea,Downtown,Acatraz,etc,etc. It was FAB! But being in the morning, it is always a bit hazy,and the sun is starting to hit. But,I do like the Pyramid too.

  2. Salut Zhu,

    Yes!It is really worth the trip up. And an added “plus”; the Chinese elevator operator. He takes you up,gives you a brief history and chats a bit. You know it is family operated when in the boutique you see a Chinese lady(probably Madame),and outside a snack wagon.
    The family that works together,makes money together 🙂

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