The rock

In all the big tourist cities of the world,there are always a few sites that demand attention.
You have to admit that a former prison sitting a few miles offshore a major city is a showstopper…

Everyone that comes by the piers has their eyes towards the rock.We did too! In fact one of the first questions that I asked D when we started touring is “Do you want to go see it?”.Which came out as a matter-of-fact “No”.

I do not know if all the “sensationalism” that turned off my husband ,or if he had enough seeing thousands of short-short and sneaker clad troops stomp past us and towards the shuttle boats.

My French husband is not as attracted by sites that drain large groups of tourists.Different culture,and a different outlook. But it is probably all  for the better.

It made Alcatraz look much more mysterious and strange seen from the shore… because it was a forbidden island in its time.

(Click for a larger view)

These pictures were taken as we went up towards the Golden Gate bridge.

I boned up on the History of this island, and I learned that the prison part is actually dating back from the Civil war.Of course,the island was most famous from 1934-1963.It has since the 1970’s become a recreational area and a part of the National Parks service.

This is really “the rock”; no prisoner has ever succeeded in escaping.The majority were caught,others shot or lost at sea.

I’m sure that many a tourist is happy to finally return to the pier…


4 thoughts on “The rock

  1. Bonjour Barbara~

    Oooooo….I’ve always wanted to see Alcatraz! I would love to actually go on the island and take a tour.

    Yes, it does look VERY mysterious seen from the shore.

    GREAT photos! Thanks for sharing, my friend!

    I know it’s not Labor Day there in France, but have a Happy Labor Day on Monday!


  2. Hi there Ron,

    Nice seeing you!
    People are all different and I respect that. Some like going over and seeing the cells,isolation cells and corridors.D didn’t care for the idea at all.We just enjoyed its aura from ashore.

    When you look at the island from the piers,you might say “I can swim that”. It doesn’t look far but the currents are strong and cold . I’ll pass and same for the barrel over Niagara falls 🙂


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