In the financial district

A few scenes from San Francisco’s financial district:

Passing an older building,with its fire escape.

The world famous cable cars pass through Market street.

The Tranamerica pyramid and neighbors.

Outdoor café.


5 thoughts on “In the financial district

  1. Faaaaaaaabulous photos, Barbara!

    Being a city lover, seeing images of different cities is so exciting to me. This part of San Fran reminds me of the financial district on Market Street in Philly.

    Love the little outdoor cafe’ on the street. How cool!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend! Enjoyed!

    {{{{ Barb }}}}}


  2. Hi Ron,
    You are so welcome. And Thank you 😉

    You would find lots of things to love here. Yes, the name Market and the skyscrapers make me think of Philly. I have to go look at my stock photos to see what we took at Market street,Philly. Talk about linear thinking!

    Take care and see you soon.

  3. Wow Barbara what a fabulous buildings especially the old fashioned one with the fire escapes and the Pyramid 🙂 Hey those cable cars look fun .. but the cafe looks a bit lost there doesn’t it .. or maybe we have been spoilt with Paris .. Hugs Anne

  4. Hi friends,

    Salut Zhu- Iam glad that you enjoyed these pics. I like the contrasts of height and form that skyscrapers bring to pictures. Even if Iam not a huge fan of modern architecture, it is stimulating to photograph them!

    Anne- Bonjour 🙂 Yes, the contrast between the old building and the new is amusing.I wonder how anyone could go down that type of the staircase during a fire! Panic zone…
    D & I did not do neither the cable cars nor the café, But, we enjoyed looking 😉

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