It’s stronger than me; I like seeing how things work.There’s something exciting about gaining a bit of knowledge and being able to say, “Ah! That’s how they do it!”.

Here we are on Mason street in the North Beach area of San Francisco. This was at a moment when one of the Cable cars was coming in. I guess that I have to ask my silly question; ” what do they do when they get to the end of the line?”

Here she comes… The circle is the rotating platform, where it all happens.

Then men wait…

And here we go; turn her around to face the opposite direction…

And send her off to Powell street! Thank you, Gentlemen.

This is likely to be a very commonplace happening for those who live in San Francisco. But, for someone who is from elsewhere, this is different! One of the reasons why people travel is just that; to see what we don’t have at home.

I will be wrapping up this tour soon. Just a few more for the road ! See you soon 🙂


5 thoughts on “Turnabout

  1. Bonjour Barbara!

    Oh….how FUN!!!!

    I’ve always wanted to see how that’s done, so thank you for sharing this with us!

    San Fran just looks like the coolest place ever!

    Hope you had a super day, my friend!

    ((( B + D ))))


  2. Salut Zhu-
    Aaahh; I have to look up the show’s videos 🙂 I love to see behind the scenes and understand. See you soon xx

    Ron- Hey there buddy.
    Now, how would you like to work with that? Maybe I have found a new career for you 🙂
    Despite the rotating part, it still must demand pulling and pushing. We just stood there are watched… like the tourists we were.
    XO Happy weekend!

  3. Hi Rowena,

    How are you doing? Its nice to see you around 🙂
    Yes, we were there at the right moment! It was a fun trip and one of the best we have taken( we did: Hi,San Diego and SF).
    These happy moments make me positive that there will be more travel ahead for D& I.

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