Strolling along Fisherman’s wharf

Hi friends,
I had been very sidetracked these past two weeks. That is what happens when you have a husband who has some unused vacation time! Except we didn’t go on vacation 😦

Here are a few more shots of San Francisco. My last ones were taken on Fisherman’s wharf.

I like the fact that the wharf was  empty at the time we took these shots. The mood was mellow and cool, and we were worlds away from the noise of the tourist groups .

You could say that that last pic, of the boat ” Barbara Ann” is a wink to… me! That boat had my first and middle names! Imagine seeing a boat that had your name.Definately a “trip”.  🙂

I hope that you enjoyed these modest pics of SFO. I had more, but I discovered that they had “shrunk” in pixel size on our DVDs. Meaning that  they came out a bit bigger than thumbnail size. That included you too, Golden gate bridge.

Bummers… But the rest  were of the right dimensions.

Well, I do hope one day to return to SFO one last time. And  have another giant photo marathon!

I have a day trip this Thursday, to see friends in one of the nearby French provinces. I will be in Amiens, which I already featured in posts like this and this.

I am hoping for photo ops of course!

See you soon 🙂


4 thoughts on “Strolling along Fisherman’s wharf

  1. Bonjour Barbara!

    Oh WOW…..when I clicked that last photo to enlarge and saw your name, I just SMILED! How cool was that? Definitely a *wink* to you, my friend!

    Fabulous shots! Yes, I could feel the mellow and cool mood from the photos.

    Thanks for sharing your images from SF. Thoroughly enjoyed!

    Have a wonderful time on your day trip! Looking forward to more photos.

    ((( Barb )))


  2. Bonjour Ronnie,
    I am glad that you enjoyed this series. I enjoyed making it, even if I had a few “tech problems”. It is weird; SFO is the only DVD where I had these shruken sized pics. What?!!
    I enjoyed this city and I really do recommend the city as a vacation stop.I do want to go back one day.
    I just “stumbled” upon that boat. We go walking and then I looked and I saw “Barbara Ann”. Hey; that’s me!!

    Have a great week and see you on your blog.

  3. I like the atmosphere, looks really relaxing. It actually reminds me of small fishing towns by the Atlantic Ocean in France! Amazing for a big city like SF…

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