A higher calling

I had a supurb day at Amiens on Thursday.I came home bushed but was a very happy camper.
I met my friend and fellow blogger,Joyce,her husband Barry, and their daughter-in-law’s Mom, Claire.

We had lunch and went walking. We went through the Cathédrale Notre Dame d’Amiens, which I had already featured once last year.
But, this time I had an eyefull. I am just leaving you with a b & w close up of the central “rosace” or rose window.

It is the same rose window that you see when you are on street level. And yes, we walked in front of it!

I like the textures  in b&w.It is so much better to bring out that gothic look.

I will be showing you more soon.Happy weekend!


10 thoughts on “A higher calling

  1. Bonjour Barbara!

    Gorgeous photos, my friend! And you’re absolutely right about b&w film…there is something about the way it gives everything that “gothic look.”

    I love b&w photography. And it”s funny, because when I was a kid my parents gave me my first camera (which was called a “Swinger), and it ONLY took b&w photographs. Later, when color film camera’s came out, I was so excited to upgrade to one.

    But to me, b&w still RULES!

    Thanks for sharing you day at Notre d’Amiens! Enjoyed it!

    Happy weekend!


  2. Hi everyone,

    Ron- Hey there! Thank you dear. I think that I should do more b&w. Those are the original colors of photography. If by any chance you kept your first camera, that must be a blast to see! A real sentimental object 🙂
    I remember someone saying once that with b&w, you get to the essence of the picture. Because color is pretty, but also distracting.
    You are so welcome for the pics XO .

    Zhu- Salut 🙂 Thank you so much. I was trying hard to show the hugeness of that rose window. So intricate. I am always trying and learning.

    Dedene- Hi there 🙂 Well, you will have to do a “MUST SEE” list at your home, and put Amiens on top. I always surprise my other friends when they visit Paris because there are places in Paris where I have never been! And I live 5 km away for the capital.

  3. Wow Barbara, great photos .. how amazing. Oh yes I love the fact that there are places in Paris you have not seen … lots more exploring to do.

  4. Hi Barbara – I’m back here now in the UK and have yet to sort out my photos as there’s a whole month to do the catching up on! That day in Amiens was so good, and the weather so kind to us! I love the b/w shot of the rose window. It really did look like that from up there, and we were so lucky to have clear views all around. Any aches the next day after climbing those 302 steps to the top….?!

    Joyce x

  5. Bonjour Joyce!!

    I can relate with the photo part. But first, I am very happy to be in touch with you.
    Thank you for the kind words. I like what I saw up there, but it is always a challenge to capture the moment.
    It was a wonderful day, happy,sunny and with great company.
    OMG, did you say aches? Stiff thighs the next day! It was like they were stretched out after those 302 steps 🙂

    We should do this again in 2011! Thank you for your hospitality and good humour.



  6. PS everyone; I was even too busy to post these past days. I have had so much going on.
    Since Monday, this concerns work.

    Sorry for being so quiet. But I will be back this weekend ( I am selecting my next photos this evening) :).

  7. Hi Anne,

    I do love it up there 🙂 But, you have to earn the eyefull.
    And the fact that I have not seen a lot of places in Paris means 1) Paris is huge 2) I have been spending so many years in the neighboring suburbs and 3) there are soo many beautiful things to discover here and elsewhere.

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