Just admiring some of the fabulous stonework in front of Notre Dame cathedral in Amiens. I could spend long moments just on the outside, admiring all the beautiful carvings. I particularly liked these parts:


Saints stomping out Evil ( look at the bad guys under their feet).

I better liked this angle than the “straight” angle. It gives more drama to the portrait.

I left this part in its original colors for a reason. Can you see the ” sphere” in the middle with its bluish shade? It is a reminder of the time when Cathedrals were painted! This is called  polychrome decoration, where different colors are painted on one structure. Amiens does a sound and light show which recreates this bygone era.

If anyone is passing through France 1 December 2010- 1 January 2011, you can catch the show every night.

You can see a short video with the polychrome images. It starts out in French, but continues in English and German. It is here:  Click on the Red capital P ( for Polychrome), to get the video started.

The zodiac carvings.

My sign, Virgo.


6 thoughts on “Stone

  1. Hi Barbara,

    Still in the gradually diminishing throes of catch up here, and have hardly had time to glimpse at the photos we took, so it’s great to see yours beautifully laid out and they serve as a happy reminder of the very enjoyable and full day we shared!

    I like ALL your shots – and of course, I have a special sneaking liking for the zodiac signs & their associated labours of the month. Your b/w view of these is really good, and it’s nice to see the close up for our shared Sun sign Virgo – earth goddess/mother holding up the sheaf of wheat – material produce of the earth in her hand.

    Thanks for the quick virtual trip back up the tower – those 302 steps were a challenge but well worth the effort!

    Joyce x

  2. Bonjour Barbara!

    Outstanding photo’s, my friend!

    Oooooh….to see this in person must have been remarkable!

    Yaaaay Virgo’s! My rising sign is in Virgo, which means I have A LOT of Virgo traits. Which keeps my Libra sign sun in balance.

    Thanks for sharing! Enjoyed!

    Have a super Wednesday!


  3. Hello friends,

    Joyce- Hi! I am always glad to see you here 🙂 I think that any long trip needs an even longer moment at home to catch up! My goodness; think of all the things that we need to start up upon returning!
    We had a wonderful day at Amiens. It was so much worth it! Well, we will have to see what we can do to meet another time. One hour’s ride each way is nothing at all.

    Please take care and keep in touch.

    Ronnie- Hi guy!
    I knew that you would enjoy these 🙂

    It feels like it does to visit Notre Dame cathedral or any similar period French cathedral. Most of them have these elaborate carvings up front. I think that in the Middle ages, most of the population was illiterate. So, things had to be very visual.

    It was so cool to see the zodiac carvings too! So you are a Virgo rising, and Joyce and I are Virgos. We are all bird of a feather 😉

    Take care xo

  4. Hi Dedene,

    The coloring that we can make out on my pic is original. But, the coloring during the “son et lumière” comes from projectors that project on the cathedral the coloring as it was in times past.
    I do believe that the cathedral has been restored and still is undergoing some work ( we saw tarp and scaffolding on one side of the cathedral).

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