Faded travel postcards

I don’t have to search far to see where my fascination for travel and far horizons come from..
When you have a father who is a sailor and often off somewhere in the world, you can’t help but get curious about what is beyond your doorstep…
I would hear names and stories about places: Singapore,Hong Kong, San Francisco,Yokohama,etc.
Then I would get postcards!
These are four of five remaining postcards which were sent by my Dad during my childhood. I remember finding these in some of my papers the last time that I returned to my parent’s home. I brought them home with me.

Iam pretty sure that my travel bug was busily hatching during these formative years.

Happy weekend to all xo

8 thoughts on “Faded travel postcards

  1. I think it’s wonderful that you’ve saved this vintage postcards – I LOVE THEM!

    And do you know what’s my favorite thing about old postcards and greeting cards? The way they SMELL. I know that may sound weird, but I love the aroma of the paper as it ages. I will often take out old family photos and just sniff them – HA!

    And yup….”I am pretty sure that my travel bug was busily hatching during these formative years.”

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, dear friend!


  2. Hi Ronnie,

    How are you doing?
    I swear that when I found these old cards in some drawer, I grabbed them! I had totally forgotten that I had saved them in my things.

    Here we come to the argument “nature or nuture”. In other words, are some drives or attractions already in us or “hatched” in one’s family enfironment.? Both, I think. My Grandad(who I never knew), sailed around the world with the US Navy.

    How could I NOT want to travel with all this??

    And yes; old papers have that unique smell & texture!! I know now how you get your kicks.

    Happy Sunday and big hugs XX to ya πŸ™‚ .

  3. Hi Barbara,

    Those are VERY special indeed!! I saved the cards and letters from my mom, too! It’s nice to have them! Very special! Happy Sunday to you, dear!
    Hugs, Leese

  4. Hello ladies,

    Anne- Bonjour πŸ™‚ I know how much you love postcards, so I thought that this post would interest you! That is why it is often very “profitable” to look carefully through old boxes,tins, or dressers in an antic/ garage. These only have a sentimental value and that is just fine by me.
    Have a great week xo

    Leesa- Hey there neighbor!
    Happy Sunday to ya. Little family papers are worth all the gold in Fort Knox πŸ™‚ I have others too, since I am also a genealogist and I dig this sort of thing.
    They all remind us of special people and times. Hang on to your papers,too!

  5. Hello!!

    Zhu- I think that a lot of my father’s travels seriously contaminated me back then. It was kind of cool to think that I heard travel stories so young! My father was career Navy just like his father did.

    Joyce- Hello! Of course, memories like these are priceless. And are keepers because unfortunately he is no longer alive to write any other cards or letters.
    It really makes one think of life…
    X back to you and Barry.

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