Take this note and stick it!

Hello friends,

I have been out of the blogging mode these past days. Between family obligations, job prospecting and time spent with friends, my blog has taken a back seat. It happens to all of us!

But, it is a new month. I have a short trip idea that I want to try. Because taking long trips is(for now) OUT, I have been looking at ideas for short and inexpensive day trips. I won’t say where( except it is in France) or when ( I have to study that).

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Love to all,



9 thoughts on “Take this note and stick it!

  1. Bonjour Anne-
    Well, I happen to be prospecting for day trips; anything that is within easy rail distance from Paris. It should not be hard.
    I promise; you will be informed 🙂
    xo back you 😉

  2. I’ve been out of circulation as well. Good luck on finding day trips. France is so beautiful, I’m sure that you’ll have no problem finding great adventures close to home.

  3. Dedene- Welcome to the club! There are just not enought hours in the day!!
    I am looking forward to a day trip. Just like the one I took to Amiens, with the Nikon & a backpack and off I went! Yes, France is so gorgeous. I never tire of its variety of regions ans scenery.
    See you soon 🙂

    Ronnie- Hey there 😉 Nice to see you, dude. Now, I like the idea of doing a day trip. It satifies mt need to discover and photograh for just small sums of money.The big trips will come later 🙂
    Vive la France indeed! Wow; we are going to make you speak French 🙂 Wooo!!
    Take care xo

  4. Salut Zhu,

    I am trying to find work as a translator, rewriter or proofer. Or anything that works with bilingual language skills I am still beginning but are looking for oppurtunities for more than just a job at a time. I put in an apllication, but I won’t say anything yet. Except it is a French based job that needs bilingual French-Eng computer users.

    Take care and see you soon.


  5. Hey there Barbara!

    Hope you find some great destinations! France is such a beautiful country! One of my favs…

    Take care and talk to you soon…


  6. Hi Leesa,

    How are you?
    Being that we are in November, all the choices are of course “indoor” places. It is not the right time of year to explore gardens or forests.
    I want to try a day the week after this one, because we have Armistice day holiday on Thursday, then a long weekend. I will be calmer the week after all that is over.

    Stay tuned and hugs xo

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