Congratulations newlyweds!

Just a quick but very warm note to congratulate friends Carolyn & Clive on their recent wedding! Woooo!!!
Give Carolyn’s blog a peek to read their stories and see their wedding photos:

I highly recommend Carolyn’s blog! These are not only wonderful people but travel lovers and seasoned travelers to boot.

And where have I been? On a desert island in the middle of the Pacific? I could only wish…

I was sick most of last week, and the weather was too horrid to even consider getting out.
But, watch out… I am getting out this week and shooting  pics!
I have found something new for me…sorry; you just have to wait a day or two longer.

See you all soon.


6 thoughts on “Congratulations newlyweds!

  1. Bonjour Barbara!

    Congratulations to your friends Carolyn & Clive on their recent wedding!!!!!

    The best to you both!

    “I have found something new for me…sorry; you just have to wait a day or two longer.”

    Oooo…oooo…can’t wait to read about it!

    Hope you’re feeling better, my friend!

    (((( Barbara )))))


    P.S.The weather has been really gorgeous here, however the last two days it’s been rainy and icky.

  2. Hey there Ronaldo!

    It is so nice to see you! Talk about being sidetracked! I have not had an easy month so far.
    Don’t you just love weddings? I am so happy for Carolyn & Clive. Keep on following their adventures; a new life is starting for them.
    As for my adventures, I want to come back with a sweet vengeance!! I am longing for my outing afternoon and lots of new pics. And of course, to learn some new things along the way.
    So, Calgon take me away!!

    I am feeling better, Thank you. It took me the better part of last week + a visit to Doc, but I have made it.

    You take care and blow a kiss to Philly from me looking out your “penthouse” window

  3. Bonjour Barbara .. I do hope that you are feeling 100% better this week 🙂

    This is such great news about Carolyn and Clive .. truly wonderful .. .and what is even more wonderful is that we have met them in person 🙂 🙂 ..


  4. Salut Zhu,

    Yes, welcome to the club! A lot of humidity and rain last week. It didn’t help being sick with the usual winter type minor things. I am much better, Merci 🙂 I lucked out yesterday with no rain. Much better for traveling.

    Take it easy in Ottawa. I can only imagine that the rain will soon turn to snow & ice.

    Bye for now & Bises.

  5. Hello dear Barbara and THANK YOU for this post! You are too sweet — we really appreciate your good wishes.

    I’m sorry to hear you were (are?) feeling unwell and hope you’ll be back to your usual self very soon. Will be in touch via a possible get-together too!

    Cheers for now – take care and thanks again xxoo from across town 🙂

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