La vie de château

Vie de château literally means ” the castle life” or I would say the high life.
So many of us, are so fascinated by châteaux and the life that went on there in ages past.

Yesterday, my traveling boots led me towards a city in the Paris suburbs named Rueil-Malmaison.

The château de Malmaison was one of the residences of Emperor Napoleon the first and his wife, Josephine. It was purchased in 1799, and until 1804, it served as one of the couple’s residences. But, Malmaison achieved its most prestige as the home of Empress Josephine starting in 1809. The Emperor had divorced Josephine ( the poor lady could not give him an heir for the throne). She would continue to live here until her death the 29 May, 1814.

There is some fascinating History here.

I like the idea of featuring famous women here 🙂 And, whenever I can visit a site that features a famous woman, I will do it with pleasure.

I had a very hard time with the lighting ( both indoors and lack of available natural light), and did my best.
Sorry to my friends who are also with me on a certain “social network”. You will see a couple of photos repeat here.

I will be working through  a bit of  History and  also choosing the next photos today. Here are a few images :

Outside the château.

I’ll be seeing you very soon! xo


6 thoughts on “La vie de château

  1. Your pictures came out fine. I’ve never been to this château, there are so many. Looks like it was very interesting. Poor Josephine, living there by herself!

  2. Bonjour Barbara!

    Awesome photos!

    And I think the weather that day added so much to the ambiance of the history. You’re photos have such a wonderful ‘feel’ to them!

    I had no idea about the history of Josephine. Damn that Emperor Napoleon – what a rat! HA!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend! Thoroughly enjoyed!


  3. Hello friends,

    Thank you, Dedene 😉 I will admit to having had to add light with photo retouching.
    I don’t do this each time but retouching is a great help if needed.
    I love History so I easily got myself lost in “this & that”.
    Now that I am researching, I see that Josephine would come and go, and she did entertain famous peeps. But I can see the solitude of her life.

    See you soon.

    Ron- Hey there! Thanks for coming. I am glad if the result was pleasing because it was a challenge yesterday. And I say to myself, ” what was missed in photo ops can be re-done;, I can return”.

    I have been researching some of the history for tomorrow’s post. It was really so interesting. Royalty was ( and still is) very strict on the idea that there had to be a male heir . But, that is the mentality.

    I am glad that you enjoyed; much more history for tomorrow. Stay tuned!

  4. Bonjour Anne,

    This is a lovely place. I do not come at the right time of year but there are also green spaces around and another château( which was said to be closed for renovation).

    Thats OK; I was pretty content with what I saw 🙂
    If you are in Paris next time and want to change, it is within a few km of Paris center and acessable by public transportation.

    XO and see you soon.

  5. France has so many châteaux, it’s fascinating! I visited a few of them along the Vallée de la Loire and each has its own history (and tragedy…).

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