More pictures of Malmaison

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I am still at the château de Malmaison, just strolling through the apartments. This is just for the beauty of it all. I am of course, neither an architect nor an art historian. But one word echoes in my head when I stroll through these apartments: MODERN.

The  furnishings and styles are in march towards the twentieth century. Then, the idea of different apartments which are used for different functions is very modern. The  rooms start off as public meeting areas, then become more private as you go inwards.

Just like today, people have a living room/ sitting room to relax in or receive friends.

And here’s the Recreation room, with billiard and in the background, a small table containing a ” trictrac” game( a popular board game in the 19th century).

A lovely spinet in the music room… They took the time to play music and enjoy it with their friends/ family.

But then, there are things were still 19th century. Imagine(either for a man or a woman), washing your face and making yourself clean each morning with just the “bare necessities:

This is where Josephine would wash up. All you had back then was fresh water in the pitcher and a wash basin to pour it in.

This corner has a cozy feeling… Like you would take your time and wash, then again,just take your time brushing your hair or making yourself up.

Finally, the most private spot  for anyone is the bedroom. It was very private indeed, and quite dark… I had the hardest time photographing it. So, I just did a b&w.

The bed definitely is a woman’s; it has delicate draping and fabrics.

I think the bed might bed a wee cramped for a lot of you. You don’t have a lot of “stretch room” for your legs! Good luck!!

I hope to come back to this  château next year and experience it again. I won’t hesitate to share my photos of it once more with you all :).

Have a good Monday and see you on the blogs.


4 thoughts on “More pictures of Malmaison

  1. Bonjour Barbara~

    “This is where Josephine would wash up. All you had back then was fresh water in the pitcher and a wash basin to pour it in.”

    Oh how, faaabulous! And I can just see her dabbing on some lavender scented perfume after her bath!

    LOVE the bedroom! The drapping over the bed is so romantic!

    And being a short guy, I think that bed would be PERFECT for me – HA!

    Thanks for sharing a lovely post, my friend! Enjoyed!


  2. Hi Ronnie,

    I just thought that you would love that dressing table 🙂
    Cozy… I can imagine an elegant lady there too. I would love to have a special place to brush my hair or put on my face cream 🙂
    Don’t you love the bed?? Lucky for you that you are shorter. You would be like royalty in there… hehehe. Other men would be very uncomfortable…

    My pleasure for sharing. Do have a “royal” day xo

  3. Salut Zhu,

    It almost looks like a modern apartment in any large French city! All that is missing is indoor plumbing and electricity and you are set 🙂
    That is a nice recreation room. The idea that one takes time to play is also modern too.

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