The Midas touch

For many people visiting this château, the highlight has to be the golden porcelain service:

In 1811, Josephine had ordered a 80 piece gold-plated porcelain plus a centerpiece. Her son Eugene had ordered a smaller set of the same type.This tableware has followed the son and Eugene’s son Maximilien through their exiles and marriages throughout Europe.

5 thoughts on “The Midas touch

  1. Hi Ronnie,

    Very beautiful indeed! I think that the pupils of everyone going in for the first time get smaller!
    But I am so happy that I have sturdyeveryday plates that take wear & tear. They are some type of mix of glass & synthetic that are unbreakable and tough. What emotion if I broke one of those golden ones! No thanks for my house.

  2. Dedene- I think that perhaps one big showing of golden plates a year for Christmas would be seen as glam! Otherwise on a daily basis that is ostentatious as they get!
    I would content myself to just simple white plates with gold trim 🙂

    Zhu- You too would be scared to drop & break the dishes? Then, we can’t do those dishes together! Chauffer la colle… 🙂

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