How could I miss doing my first ever Thanksgiving on this blog? No ways!

Happy Thankgiving to you all in the US and to all US expats around the world !!

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this blog. I think of the good friends who come by and warm my heart each time. And, I look forward to expanding and making new friends. Come on board…

I am one happy camper. I am also comforted  in the choice of  this new blog life.

My life has not been easy in 2010.  I have been dealing with a crisis situation(the passing away of my FIL) and the adjustment period afterwards. It takes courage to be holding the torch through thick & thin . Sorry to say, we are kind of at the “thin” part. It is so hard to  to take over the family home . That means making choices that are not always the ones which we would prefer.But, I have hope for the future.

I try to keep a corner  of blue sky in my head.

“These problems can’t last forever”, I whisper to myself, and to my husband.

It is just a big turbulence zone that will shake us up awhile before bringing us back to a smoother cruising zone.

I believe it.

So, lets look towards sunnier horizons…

Love to all


P.S. Yes, I am in that picture, just dreaming along the Delaware river in Philadelphia…

12 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. A happy Thanksgiving Day to you Barbara. Although you’re many many miles away from your home ground, you can still dream, and I really like this photo of you on American home ground, dreaming away and soaking up the scene.

    Yes, it’s been a tough and challenging year for you – and you’re still here, holding up so well and coping ( that’s the really important thing!) as well as moving on and opening up new doors all the time. That takes courage & fortitude and you have that in spades.

    Thank you for the tour of the chateau It looks interesting and spectacular in all its opulence!

    Take care, keep warm (it’s cold & frosty here!)

    Joyce x

  2. *waving at you alone the Delaware*

    ““These problems can’t last forever”, I whisper to myself, and to my husband.

    It is just a big turbulence zone that will shake us up awhile before bringing us back to a smoother cruising zone.”

    You said it, my friend!

    And I believe it too!

    Wishing you and D a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

    Thankful for meeting you!

    X ya!

  3. Joyce- Bonjour! Thank you for your Thanksgiving greetings. Even if there is no large spread, I could care less. Thanksgiving is also a state of mind. It says “good and bounty are in my hands”.
    The coping is the hardest part. But you know that it takes time and effort. And we learn about ourselves.

    Thank you for your warmth and good humor.

    Ron- Hi there!! Now, who let the cute parrot in?! No, just joking; knowing how utterly BUSY you are. And it is just the start! I think that your mornings go quickly.
    ( Note: this gentleman works in retail and will have to survive “Black Friday” after Thanksgiving). My prayers go with you…

    OK; if I look well, I can see Ronnie over on the other side of the Delaware( that is in Camden,NJ), waving to me…

    Big hugs and yes, so thankful for such a wacky friend as you! xo

  4. I know this year was hard for you and D. and I was truly sorry to hear all that you got through. Find the strength to carry on! You have each other 🙂

  5. Hello friends,
    Dedene- Thank you so much.
    Now, I can’t believe that a great cook like you won’t be celebrating Thanksgiving.
    I won’t be doing anything special. But, my food is more “spiritual”. This is always a very positive day for me and I don’t let negativity or any eventual jerks get me down.
    Have a good one 🙂

    Zhu- Hi there. Yes, a hard year. I don’t really talk too much about personal things here. But sometimes, you have to get off your heart what is hurting.
    I have learned that I am stronger than I think. But yes, I am not alone. I have D & vice versa. That doubles your strenght.

    Merci de tes mots positives et grosses bises à toi.

  6. Barbara, what a beautiful post, realistic and authentic yet filled with your signature mix of hope and optimism. You (and your hubby) are to be commended for your progress through the rough waters of 2010. Good on you, my friend, good on you.

    Hoping we can catch up with you around New Year’s, when we return to Paris for a few days.

    Hang in there — cheering you on and sending a big hug across town xoxoxox

  7. Hi Carolyn & Clive,

    Hello! Thank you so much for your kind words.
    I think that optimism comes from my US culture and upbringing. You know too; we are more often taught to be optimistic than the contrary as children;

    It has been tough going and it still is. We still have so many things to sort out: more clearing out,cleaning,paperwork and such.

    Thank you for your enthusiasm 🙂
    I am happy for you both and I sincerely hope that your honeymoon in Paris has been memorable! I am so excited about your move also! Do let me know the next time you will be coming back.

    xoxoxo to you both, Monsieur & Madame 🙂

  8. Bonjour my lovely friend .. how did I miss this .. It sure as been very tough for you and Didier ,,,, and as you say “So, lets look towards sunnier horizons…” Definitely one for us both 🙂 hugs Anne xoxo

  9. Bonjour mon amie,
    I am happy to see you here.
    Oh yes, 2010 was very hard and I will be happy to see the year change.
    Faith is a part of my nature. I do believe that things will change. And, we have lots of space for you also on our sunnier horizon.

    Big hugs and warm thoughts.

  10. Hi Sasha,

    Thank you for stopping by!
    I really appreciate your warm words. We have all been down & out at one point of our lives. I believe also that the horizon can only clear.

    I look forward to continuing your culianary adventures in 2011.
    All the very best,

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