Happy holidays!!

Hello friends,

First off, Happy holidays to all! Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

( Thanks to zazzle for this cutie).

Secondly, I am  truly happy to be back on wp. I am very pleased to say that yes, it is “Mission accomplished!”. My translating project( 73 pages of it), was officially closed this Monday!

That was hard work and I yet, I was very fortunately one of a team of three persons who translated and revised(that was me) a French-Canadian text for an US market. YAY!!! That went happily for me, even if I did almost nothing else during the time it lasted.And, I have been catching up with all the rest during this week.

But, my planned “photo outing” for December was canceled because of the ongoing episodes of cold and snow. We are still fighting bouts of snow, even this morning.I might even add that these past days have been miserable for travelers in Europe, with severe delays that have stranded hundreds of thousands of holiday travelers.

But, coming back to my more simpler travel plans, I missed  a nice event. Again, due to cold and the snow. This was a yearly Christmas event in a town called Provins in the suburbs of Paris.

But, there are aroud 79 road kilometers or almost 50 miles fr which separates our home from this town. It is not nearby, and since we no longer own a car, we take mass transit. We just didn’t feel it after fighting the snow and the cold for several days that week.

Not only was there  a Medieval Christmas fair, but also a market and an exposition with nativity scenes. The center of the old town called “cité Médiéval / Medieval city  ”  is a UNESCO world heritage site. And, various sites in this medieval city were open during this special weekend.
Rats…. :((

I don’t usually you tube it here, but here is a short one features the fair. Despite being in French, you can get the feeling for what a medieval fair is like. Sorry about the ad in the beginning.


It would have been so cool to see all this. But I will survive another year until it rolls around again. We can’t win each time.

I will let you all get on to your merrymaking and activities.

Blessings and peace be with ye special people who come to my humble blog demure.



9 thoughts on “Happy holidays!!

  1. Bonjour Barbara!

    Yaaaaaaaaaaay Mission Accomplished – you GO, girl! I’m so proud of ya!

    Sorry to hear about your cancelled plans, but after seeing all the snow and cold weather you’re experiencing, I don’t blame you. It amazes me how much snow Europe is getting, while we here in the northeast U.S. have gotten barely any so far this year. Oh well, there’s always Jan, Feb, and March – ha!

    Wishing you and D a magical and marvelous Christmas!

    X ya, dear friend!

    (((( Barb ))))


    P.S. thank you for your beautiful card!

  2. Hello my friends!

    Dedene- Happy holidays to you and your family! If I could drive, I would be very careful on the roads/ would not drive at all. You see, I don’t drive.
    Thank you for your layalty and yes, I DO want to see and do more in 2011!! i will be watching for you!

    Ronnie- Hey there buddy! Thank you dude! It was a good feeling and I hope that the book will be useful to other people along the line.
    Yes, canceled plans are a bummer but, so is traveling in the cold and with snow.

    We have been “dumped on” this year. And wear is that snow in Philly so far?! There is still more winter left; hang on there!

    xo back to ya my friend. Take care and happy holidays!
    It was my pleasure for the card!

  3. Hi Joyce,
    Chill out indeed! Good one 😉
    I also have been in the grips of ice and snow. It is a time to enjoy the warmth of the home.
    Happy holiday greetings to you & Barry from across the channel xox

  4. Big hug and Peace to you and Didier too.. well done on your assignment .. 🙂 lets hope it all clears up for you to get out and about . yep such a shame about your trip , but as you say , you were not stuck anywhere xoxo

  5. Bonjour Anne-
    Its nice to see you here.
    Thank you! This book was a challenge, and I was so glad to be ending 2010 on a happy note. It has been a hard year as you know.
    I tried venturing out to get bread yesterday and there was a lot of ice. It cracked under my steps! I hate that! Yes, I count my blessings that I am just “stuck” at home and not on the road.

    Big hugs back to you xox

  6. I know quite a few of my friends who were going to Europe for short Xmas holidays were stuck in Montreal because of the snow in Europe. That sucks!

    I wish you happy holidays anyway, from the Southern hemisphere. Here, we are facing floods… chacun sa croix? 😉

  7. Hi Zhu,

    I was just off your blog and I saw that you both were fine and ended 2010 with a bang!
    Our holidays were quiet and rather subdued… its not easy when you lose someone in the year and then face the holiday season.
    But, we are in 2011 and I do not want to look back at 2010. Only go forward.


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