Getting an eyeful of Philly

Of course, no photo can reproduce the depth of the buildings and the real perspective of the line going straight towards downtown.
I could sit on the steps a long time, just enjoying the view. I imagine that the night/ sunset shots can be fantastic.

Please scroll down to the next post to read about our “stroll” . How we got from all the way down there up to the museum steps.


2 thoughts on “Getting an eyeful of Philly

  1. Bonjour Barbara!

    Aaah….the infamous “line going straight towards downtown!”

    Yes! I know that view well. In fact, it was this past November that I took a walk to that spot.

    I often wonder how many photos of this spot have been taken over the MANY years!?

    I bet a MILLION!

    Great photo, Barb!


  2. Bonjour Ronnie,
    My, this shot is no stranger for you(he he). I have been to Philly tiwce and each time we never tire of going up the boulevard.

    I won’t even bet on the number of shots taken through the decades. But, lots of personal
    albums feature the view from the Philadelphia museum of art! Including mine 🙂

    The next time, we will go up there with you and do the Rocky thing, running up the steps and rasing a victory salute! Yo!


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