Go the distance!

Nobody can travel to Philly without having climbed up the steps of the Museum of Art. That is unthinkable.

I have even had French friends who had asked us about the “steps” when viewing our older vacation pics of Philly( we were already here in 1992). They instantly made the connection with “Rocky”!

Some of you see already what I am talking about;  Rocky Balboa  running up those museum steps!  This place was a natural because  you have a million dollar view from up there.

Of course, like Rocky, my husband & I have to do the things the harder way. We did not run it( God no; we would never make it) but just strolled from Broad street up towards the museum. Which is an expedition in itself. Maybe when we will be old and slower, we will just bus it. But while we are younger and can walk, we enjoy doing this.

Like Rock said ” Go the distance!” Well man, this we did:

We start around City Hall, and follow the John F. Kennedy boulevard  straight up. You can’t miss the boulevard that is  lined with flags of nations from around the world.

Fountains and green spaces…

At one point, we get further away from the city and the path becomes a nice walking/ jogging area.

Civil war memorial and a sign pointing us on to the museum. I will show you soon why this memorial caught my eye.

The Rodin museum( the most famous one is in Paris). There’s even the Thinker on the outside.

The museum is in view.

The good general Washington.

The Museum of Arts. It apparently was being refurbished at this time.

Yo, Rock!


2 thoughts on “Go the distance!

  1. Bonjour Barbara!

    Faaaaaaaabulous shots!

    I can actually see the top of City Hall (William Penn) from my apartment window! It looks so lovely in the evenings when it’s lit up.

    They’re re-doing the Rodin Museum. The last time I walked by I saw some construction going on there.

    LOVE the Rocky shot!

    Yo, Adrianne!

    Fab photos, my friend!


  2. Hi Ronnie,

    Thank you, dude 🙂
    It was a pleasure to walk and photograph. And bless ole William Penn up on City Hall. He is of course, Phila’s founder. Ah, so you see Willy up from your apartment? You must have a nice view.

    I see that the Rodin museum is getting spruced up. We didn’t go to that one( honestly, you would need like more than a week in town to even consider doing a museum or two). We never have enough time.

    I love the Rocky movie, esp the first two. Lots of nice scenery in Philly.

    You are so welcome. More coming so, stick around!


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