Art copies art

We stumbled upon this statue as we were walking towards the museum of arts ( note: scroll down the page to see my last two posts relating to this).

Normally when I am touring somewhere, I always stop and look at any type of curiosities; statues, monuments signs and the like. If it’s on our path, I will have a look at it.

I did the same  with the following monument, but I had a “déjà vu” feeling… This reminds me of something.

This is the Civil war memorial. It commemorates the soliders who faught in the American civil war( 1861-1865). It is of course the famous “North vs South” war that is so often seen in films or books.

Back to the statue…


Statues on the Arc de triomphe in Paris:

I am not an art historian but, I was struck by the similarity in there…

Art has always been borrowing from influences and schools of past eras. And, not forgetting that many American artists would routinely come to Europe to study art. I have not had the time today to research who sculpted this statue and when he did it. But, chances are he did some years of classic art studies on the old continent.

You can see men in their war going attire who are clustered together and  looking very excited. With similar postures of leaning forward and with their bodies tense and seemingly ready to spring into action.

Close up of their expressions…


The modern person that I am has a hard time imagining one’s own country at war against itself. But, it must have been tremendous. I always remember the famous expression that called this conflict ” a house divided”.  So true…

Happy weekend and see you next week for some new pics!


2 thoughts on “Art copies art

  1. Bonjour Barbara!

    Hey, you’re absolutely right….there is a striking similarity between the two statues!

    Well, as you know, Philly is very influenced by French architecture, and European architecture as well.

    “Art has always borrowing on influences and schools of past eras. And, not forgetting that many American artists would routinely come to Europe to study art.”

    So perhaps that’s why.

    Enjoyed these beautiful photos, my friend!

    Wishing you a happy, happy weekend!


  2. Hey there Ronnie,

    I love opeing my eyes and seeing where my observations may lead me. Sometimes, you may see things that are completely new, other times, there is borrowing going on.
    I like to be challenged to look and admire 🙂

    It was very instant here at this memorial; like “Hey; that’s like the Arc de triomphe!”.
    Very well done for imatating the intensity and fervor of the soldiers. Another era, another cause but the same dtermination…

    XO to ya, Philly guy.

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