Finding magic on South street

When I discover a place, I like to record not only what is beautiful but also the unusual. Try these on for size:

A large and colorful mosaic covered wall attracts us. It says ” Art is the center of the real world”. Cool…

But, it is quite a surprise to see the other side of the building. Click on the pics to see closer.

I did not have my guide-book at the time, but I learned later that this memorable place is called “magic garden”.

Bits,pieces and more pieces make a whole.

You can go inside and tour the vicinities to see more. We just opted for the quick outside look because we were meeting friends that day.

I found the artist’s website (here). The man’s name is Isaiah Zagar. He and his spouse have been purchasing homes around South street since the late 60’s. They wanted to beautify Philly through these mosaic covered homes. You can see here a map of his creations.

Although I think that the studio creation is rather personal in taste, the mosaic covered buildings are colorful and cheery. They shine and smile back to the passerby!

I shall leave the last word to an artist:

Happy weekend and see you next week!


3 thoughts on “Finding magic on South street

  1. Bonjour Barbara .. this is just fantastic, what a super idea to brighten up the area. Stunning pieces of art.

    Hope you have a Happy weekend and the sun shines for you. xoxo

  2. Bonjour Barbara!

    YES! YES! I know exactly where these mosaics are located on South St. In fact, they’re right across from the Whole Foods I sometimes shop at.

    To see these in person is AMAZING, isn’t it? Yes, it truly makes the area more cheery and colorful!

    Thank you so much for sharing the links to his website, because I really didn’t know he had one. I will definitely check it out!

    Great photos, Barb!

    Have a glorious weekend!


  3. Hello friends-
    Anne- Bonjour. I am glad that you enjoyed this 🙂 It was certainly an unforgettable find! I love History but I also enjoy what is unusual or off the beaten trail.
    I really love the mosaics.The next time that I am in Philly, I want to find more!!

    Big hugs xo

    Ronnie- Hello dear! Now, that would be a complete shock if you DID’NT know this spot! You can’t be indifferent to this artistic creation!

    Yes, we did go to Whole food too! A wonderful store. We like stopping in food stores and book stores, so I think that we would be compatible shopping 🙂

    Check out the artist’s website and do look at the mosaic map. Darn it; we will bring that with us in the future!

    Big warm hugs down to you in Philly xox

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