I LOVE Fairmont park

Just across the street from the imposing structure that is City Hall, you arrive at Fairmont Park. We passed through not far from noon on a sunny day.When the weather is sunny and mild, this is of course perfect touring weather! We lucked out in our five days in Philly; just one afternoon of rain and the rest was gorgeous.

On this particular September day, everyone and his brother seemed to be out… If you are ever in town, do have a stroll here. And, if you are very courageous, you can continue on up to JFK Boulevard towards the museum( like in my earlier posts).

Passing through blooming flowers. There is City Hall on the other side.

Looking towards the city side.

We found in the park this decorated stage with a sound system. What??

A noon-time dance class!

This world-famous statue is the love statue by Robert Indiana. It thrones proudly here in Fairmont park. This happens to be my favorite modern monument in North America. I just love it and its tender leaning “O”. It is not the only statue of its kind; there are others around the world.

But, this is very fitting to have it here. After all, Philadelphia is called the “City of brotherly love”.

Love is what makes the world go around…

Check out those two below; we don’t need to tell them what it’s about!

See you soon xo


3 thoughts on “I LOVE Fairmont park

  1. AWESOME photos, Barbara!

    Oh how cute, the photo of the couple holding hands below the LOVE sign – what a GREAT capture!!!!!

    And I love the Phoenix building in the background (to the left) of the LOVE sign. It’s a gorgeous condominium.

    Yes, Fairmount is lovely!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend! Stay tuned later this week, when I may be sharing some photos of Philly myself.

    Happy Wednesday, Barb!


  2. Hello my friend, thanks for sharing this wonderful post. LOVE the dance class, can just imagine dancing in the square .. and the statue is amazing … yeah Love is in the Air!!

    hugs anne
    xoxo ..

    thank you for the new blog link … went over and left a comment xo

  3. Hello friends,

    Ron- Hi pardner! Well, I certainly can’t talk about Philly with Love Park!
    I think that parks and green spaces are important to a big city. Otherwise, we feel like we are drowned in conrete and asphalt! In Eorope, green spaces are very common and it is for the better. Fresh air and flowers, PLEASE!!

    Big hugs down to Philly xox

    Anne- Hellooo! We are all leading busy lives, but I am still taking the time to share photos. I am glad that you enjoyed these.
    I had a feeling that you would love the outdoor dance class 🙂

    And the LOVE sign is a classic. I can’t imagine Philly without it!!

    Take care and see you soon.

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