Face to face with a famous cousin

This post was a special request from my husband. The day that I published my last post, he said ” Are you going to show Conrad?

Now,  you are all scratching your heads and saying “Who the heck is Conrad?” Read on.

This man’s portrait also comes from the collection at the Second Bank of the United States.

Enter the man in red:

Conrad Alexandre Gerard( 1729-1790), was the first French ambassador in the young nation that was the United States of America. In fact, France was the first country to officially recognize the young American nation, with a first commerce and friendship treaty  signed the 6 February,1778.

We have a reason to show him here; my husband is a distant cousin of this famous figure! I don’t have all the details of this ancestry. But, my husband and this famous Frenchman have the same  Gerard ancestors  in common. Their roots come from a village called Vagney,in the Vosges region( the eastern part of France).

So, we could not leave Philly without saluting you, Conrad!

Vive la France!


4 thoughts on “Face to face with a famous cousin

  1. “We have a reason to show him here; my husband is a distant cousin of this famous figure! ”

    OMG, how COOL is that? And I bet hubby was so excited to see this painting!!!!

    Yes….Vive la France!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of history, Barb! I had no idea?!

    Hope you’re having a terrific Tuesday!


  2. Hi again Ronnie,

    There you have it; my hubby distant cousin with the first amabssador to the United States!
    That is absolutely cool! I mean, D was saying that we had to see Conrad’s painting. Thinking that it was still in Independence Hall, I asked a gaurd who told us about the Second Bank Gallery.

    You learned a tidebit in US History and that’s great. We have to go one day and see Conrad’s birth home in East France.

    Hugs to ya xo

  3. Hi Carolyn,

    Now, D was really proud to say that he was “eye to eye” with his distant cousin’s portrait.
    It was a must see for us.
    This building is a nice way to spend some time. It is a rather moving experience for an American to see the famous faces of our History.

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