The Second Bank portrait gallery

If you enjoy art or are a History buff, a trip here is well worth the stop.

The Second bank of the United States is located on the intersection of 4th & Chestnut streets.

(photo from wikipedia).

This historic building dates from 1816 and once housed  a national bank up until 1836.

It houses a collection of portraits of the famous men and women of the young American nation.

We came, we saw and we appreciated. Here are a few. Several others came out fuzzy. Taking pictures of canvases can be tricky, due to the lighting and the glare on the canvas. But the Nikon came through with some beauties.

Two portraits of general George Washington( 1732-1799).

Behind every great man is a great woman..

Martha Custis Washington(1731-1802).

Thayendanegea/ Joseph Brant(1742-1807)

A Mohawk war chief  who led Iroquois Confederation. He was a diplomat who tried to use his alliances with the European nations to acquire title to ancestral Iroquois lands in Canada.

A nice touch, those flowers 🙂

This is Annis Boudinot Stockton(1736-1801)

This was the first time that I heard about this woman. She wrote several poems that glorified the American revolution and its heroes.

I hope that you enjoyed Philadelphia up to now! One last post this week and we will have to be flying on.

Before you leave, please scroll down to see a special second posting.

I hope to see you soon 😉


4 thoughts on “The Second Bank portrait gallery

  1. Bonjour Barbara!

    I know exactly where this building is, yet I’ve never been inside it. I’m going to have to go sometime in the Spring.

    LOVE the photos of the paintings. They came out wonderful! I’m sitting here looking at these and thinking to myself how (back then) they didn’t have camera’s, so the only way to capture their image would be to paint them. And in some strange way, I think they were able to show more of what they looked like because of the detail you can achieve from painting!

    Okay, now I’m going to scroll down and check out your other post!


  2. Hi Ronnie,

    Yes! Do a tour at the Second Bank. I highly recommend it and also since it is free( or else it was when we were there).

    I was surprised how clear some of these photos came out. Paintings cast a lot of glare, because the paints are already glossy to begin. We missed a couple due to either the lighting/ gloss. Oh well.

    I think too that only the rich had the means to hire an artist to have a portrait drawn. And, the artist had to be excellent to capture the person’s likeness. Imagine the hours of sitting…

    Iam so glad that you enjoyed 🙂 xo

  3. Hi Zhu,

    It was a pleasure. Photostock keeps me busy when I don’t have the chance to travel.
    I have eaten Philly Cheese steaks but find them a bit too greasy for my taste.

    I prefer a “sub” with lots of veggies,cheese and thinly sliced meats. Yummm.

    Take care and see you again soon.

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