Timeless America- b&w shots

Each time that I return back to the USA, it is a bit like letting loose a kid in a candy shop.

My senses are overflowing…

I am seeing familiar sights,reuniting with lost tastes and smells, and generally enjoying every moment. Because, it is not everyday that I return. I am out to enjoy!

These shots are a few of a few sites that strike me as being very American. I cannot find any of these scenes in France  and for someone who has lived the last 20 years of her life off American soil, these photos stand out!  If I still lived in North America, I would have probably not batted an eyelash in passing.

I have them in b&w for the nostalgia element. I could be back in the seventies or eighties and despite the different styles, it could be most of the same thing!

Machine newspaper vendors . I remember buying a weekday paper for under a dollar. Try to do that today!

A volunteer tries to get a passerby to register on the electoral lists. This was on South street.

These volunteers were Downtown( I believe on Chestnut street)

Yes, politicking  is hard work… a man waiting for his order at a hotdog stand.

Funny advertising… a costumed person advertising the merits of a famous sandwich. I much prefer eating one like you than a hotdog…

And finally, if you wiped out your travel budget, you can still splurge in a dollar store.  If  things have not changed, all items on sale cost a dollar or less. On the other hand,I have never seen “a one euro store”.

Remember when our parents(or grandparents) talked about the “five and dime” stores?? Like Woolworths, for example.

I hope that you enjoyed  Philadelphia during my “photostock January”. It was a pleasure showing these photos to you.

11 thoughts on “Timeless America- b&w shots

  1. *applause….cheers….brava’s*

    OMG Barbara, I LOVE that you made these photos B&W!!!! It makes them look so vintage. In fact, when I first looked at the photos before reading your words, I actually thought they WERE vintage!

    I know exactly where that first shot is (corner of Chestnut and Broad St.). And there’s the Capital Grill across the street!

    “Remember when our parents(or grandparents) talked about the “five and dime” stores?? Like Woolworths, for example.”

    Do I ever! I also remember my parents telling me about PENNY candy. HA! Now some penny candy is $1.00! Do you remember Horn and Hardart automats? A place where you could get your breakfast, lunch or dinner served through little glass windows. Faaaaaabulous!

    Awesome post, my friend! Thoroughly enjoyed taking a stroll through timeless America!

    Have a great Tuesday!……….X

  2. Hi Ronnie,
    Let me take a bow… Thank you so much 🙂
    I had b&w in my mind when I wanted to do this theme. Because b&w is nostalgia. Oh my, I almost fooled ya for a moment!

    OK, we are at the crossing of Chestnut & Broad sts in the first pic. I didn’t remember the location!
    My Dad used to say “five and dime” store and I have heard penny candy, too. All the candy that you could get in a bag for a penny!
    Those days are gone…

    I never heard of the Horn & Hardart automats. That sounds like a very “Jetsons” sort of futuristic invention!!

    I am glad that you enjoyed the stroll. Big hugs to ya xo

  3. I know exactly what you mean! I feel the same when I go back to France, everything is familiar yet slightly exotic to me now.

    Funny that there are no dollar stores in France! Maybe you should open a “un euro” store? 😆

    All these street scenes are truly North American. No hot dog in France, for sure! Great shot Barbara.

  4. Hi Zhu,
    How are you, my world traveler friend?
    I got sidetracked when you were in Thailand…
    You are so welcome for the series. Maybe one day, you can do a “Grand tour” of the East Coast.
    B&w is nostalgia and yes, exotism too…
    I would love to have a “one euro store” one day for the really simple and basic goods!!
    We could use it!
    Bises xx
    Bises and thank you for taking time to pop in.

  5. Thank you for sharing Barbara.. All seems rather old fashioned .. In the nicest way ..:-) I would rather eat a Subway than a Hotdog .. (if i had to) !!

    We have “pound stores ” in the UK.. sometimes good, sometimes NOT!!!

    Anne xox

  6. Bonjour Anne,

    You are very welcome,

    I liked the idea of doing a nostalgia post in b&w. Because, I could be back in the old times when I was growing up.
    I assure you, Anne; Subway sandwichs can be healthy! When we eat these back in the US( I can in France too, but I never do!), I almost always take a veggie sandwich.
    I lost the taste for hot dogs many “eons” ago…

    Ah, the idea of the dollar store also exists as pound stores!

    Big hugs and see you next time.

  7. Hi Barbara — great photos and love the mini-tour of Philadelphia. Am just coming up for air after a busy time and such fun to get back to your lovely blog.

    Hope you are well and we can connect in Paris later this year!

    Cheers from C and C 🙂

  8. Hi C& C?
    Yay, nice to see you both!
    I thought about you more than once; thinking that life was very busy for you.
    I am glad that you enjoyed the tour. I enjoyed doing it. Photostock is such a blessing in more ways than one!

    I am so hoping to catch up to you both in Paris this year. OUI!!

    Take care and hugs to you both XX

  9. Hello my friend and neighbour!

    Just checking in to see what your posting these days! LOVE the b&W shots! They at a certain ‘something,’ don’t they?! Hope all is going well.. Take good care and have a wonderful week…

  10. Hi friends-
    Joyce- It is great to see you again. You are always very welcome here.
    Oh, if I could just go back and soak up the atmosphere again… On some days, I miss the US, other days a bit less. I would have to next time, just take street photos.

    Hugs to you & B

    Leesa- Hi there friend!
    Thanks for stopping. I kept busy in January with photostock. I do enjoy doing b&w shots at times. It depends on the subject & mood. I want to do more in the future.
    You take care & see you soon.

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