Airing out some (pretty) laundry

More findings from Musée Guimet.

This is another work from Japan that is painted on screens:

I am impressed by the details to everything; colors and patterns of the kimonos, their folds and how they drape.

There is even a little cat napping alongside what looks like a purse.

I have been scolding myself for forgetting to photograph the card with the information on this artwork. I can’t find it online so far either. Oh well…

I like the gentle easiness here. It may not seem like an earth shattering subject to paint clothing; it is so simple! Or is it? What looks simple rarely is so in practice.

I could almost reach out and grab a kimono…

See you tomorrow with another work of art 🙂


5 thoughts on “Airing out some (pretty) laundry

  1. Hi Anne,

    I love the delicateness of Japanese art.
    It is truly art if you can take something so common and make it look very real.
    I really love this museum and I will definately return with hubby 🙂

  2. Hey there, Barbara!

    OMG….these screens are GORGEOUS! Yes, I can almost reach out and grab the kimono. It looks three-dimensional!

    And of course….I adore the kitty! Meow!

    Lovely share, my friend! Loooking forward to tomorrow!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  3. Hello friends,
    Ron- Hey there, buddy! Isn’t this exquisite?! It makes a master to paint the most mundane objects. If I would try, it would look like a sack of potatoes!!
    You should have seen the screens with their gold tint. Just goegeous 🙂 So glad that you enjoyed xo

    Zhu- Salut. Yes; details are everything here! The colors too are sumptuous.
    I really recommend a trip to Guimet( parole d’honneur; ça vaut le coup!)
    Bises 🙂

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