Bring on the enlightenment

I was really taken away by the Chinese Buddhist exhibits at Guimet.

Here, you walk into an exhibit area where nearly everything was tinted with spirituality. I felt like a puny mortal going in there . But amazingly enough, there is calm and peace radiating from this room.

I chose these two statues of Buddha:

This statue dates from the middle of the 6th century and comes from North China. There is Buddha surrounded by his monks.

That one is rather awe-inspiring, but I love the second one. It also dates from the 6th century, but almost looks modern in style:

That is serenity!

Tomorrow, I will show you a very beautiful spot in this same exhibit room. If I had stayed longer, maybe I would have also found my enlightenment.


4 thoughts on “Bring on the enlightenment

  1. *clapping and cheering wildlly*

    Yahoooo….I LOVE this post, Barbara! Beeeeutiful photos!

    I don’t know whether I ever told you this before, but I collect Buddha statues. I have them all placed along a bookcase that lines my windows. I love to light tealights in front of them at night, because they glow with such a peacefulness.

    It’s like you shared…..

    “That is serenity!”

    Happy Thursday, my friend!


  2. Hey there buddy,

    I am happy that you enjoyed this one. It was my pleasure.
    Now, I had NO idea that you were a Buddha collector! I am sure that they all give you peace and serenity. Beautiful idea to put lights in front of them.

    Stay serene and see you tomorrow for another “illumination”.

  3. We saw a lot of Buddha statues in Thailand, including a solid gold one (worth a lot of money!) and a 30-meters long one. These ones are so old… interesting!

  4. Salut Zhu,

    I imagine that you and your best half have seen all kinds of Budhas in Thailand! There is not a single gold one at Guimet; I guess that they wanted to keep them all at home!
    These must be the ancestors of many of the Buddhas!

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