Creature comforts

This theme of this post seems almost to fall  into place with my current life. Today, I am showing a few beautiful artworks of animals that I admired at the Guimet museum in Paris.

This all reminds me how strong our bonds can be with the animals that we welcome into our life.  Though for now, these thoughts are tinted with sadness, several days after having to put to rest a family dog and companion.

It is like with almost everything that we do in life; we try to do for the best. Even if our mind and our heart don’t agree on the decision.

There are no dogs among these graceful creatures below, but it does not matter. Each artwork still celebrates a bond with a human being. Sometimes this bond is soft and easy, other times spirited and firy. But, bonds they are. Two beings become like one, working or playing together during a moment in time.

I hope that you enjoy these delightful beasts as much as I did. They all are Chinese works from the Tang dynasty:

A Camel driver and his camel. A 7th century terra-cotta piece.

One of a several polo players. This comes from the first part of the 8th century and is also made from terra-cotta.

It perfectly displays the sense of action of both man and beast. Notice that they also kept the horse’s tail tied up short, just like they do today. But, I can imagine the knocks that a polo pony of this era could have taken. He has neither shin guards nor padding.

Finally, the most beautiful creature was this one:

The name of this work is “leaping horse” and dates from the 8th century( once again, from the Tang dynasty).

We can clearly see that this horse has been domesticated; he is wearing a saddle. But, perhaps in a moment of anger/ or answering his wild instincts, he is lunging up. The movement and character of the animal are very realistic.

I will be ending this short tour here. My camera battery went “kaput” early that day, so I just photographed a bit of Japan and China for the meanwhile. So, that is still good news because that means that I will return( with hubby in tow; he wants to experience this).

We will try to concentrate on other countries like India, Cambodia or Korea the next time…

I hope that you enjoyed what you saw.

Thanks to all who stopped by and left me their good wishes and optimism.


6 thoughts on “Creature comforts

  1. Hey there, Barbara!

    First of all, I LOVE your new blog theme. It’s faaaaaaaaabulous!!! I so much prefer lighter background blogs. So much easier to read. And they really show off photos so much better.

    Lovely post, my friend!

    “This all reminds me how strong our bonds can be with the animals that we welcome into our life.”

    Yes, I so agree.

    ((((( Barbara ))))))

    I adore these photos. Especially the last one. VERY realistic indeed!

    Thank you for sharing, dear friend. Enjoyed! Can’t wait to view more.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    XO to both you and D!

  2. Hey there Ronnie!
    I felt the need for a change for many reasons. The hardest is the choice(very rich on wp), but I liked the colors & the white background together.

    Thank you for your kind words. I was more than glad to feature animals rather than other objects( like the numerous clay/porcelain pots,plates,etc).

    It was a real pleasure, my friend.
    Happy weekend to ya!

  3. Salut Zhu,
    I really did enjoy the Chinese art section. They are the masters of pottery & porcelain!
    These animals were very appealing; more than just rows of plates.
    Anyone that has loved an animal at least once in his/her life will understand.
    Bises xo

  4. Hi Barbara,

    Don’t know what happened – I left a comment about your photos, especially that very vibrant horse, and it wasn’t accepted, so here’s having anouther try!

  5. Hello Joyce,

    I am just as confused as you are; I never received your comment. Strange things happen in computers. I know that you also love dogs and such news as putting our family dog asleep would strike a sensitive chord in you.

    I am glad to have you back and I hope to see you soon!
    Hugs x

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