A divine little space

The château d’Ecouen was built from 1538-1555, on the ruins of an older château. It was built by a man (who was a duke) named  Anne de Montmorency. Yes, you read correctly. Here he is on a borrowed image of him from wikipedia:

This is the chapel and the  first room that you visit after paying admission.  This is a chapel dates from the 16th century. My heart went out right away to this tiny room of prayer. Here are some very cozy elements:

“Let there be light”

A “showstopper” painted ceiling with what I assume are the shields of the de Montmorency family and probably other significant shields. Just gorgeous. You would have to lie on your back to get the total view. But, you may agree with me that is a rather embarrassing posture in public.

This gets you the idea of what private is; up there is private seating. The altar (which you don’t see), is on the side of the cross. So, I imagine that when they used this chapel, they set up a few chairs down there too. But, on the top is “first class” seating.

I loved the organ:

This is on top of the entrance. It looks like some sort of pulpit.

Next week, we will go and peek into the apartments .

Happy weekend to all!


7 thoughts on “A divine little space

  1. Hi Barbara,

    Reading about the de Montmorency family is interesting to me because our small town in twinned with Montomorency on the outskirts of Paris, and I wonder if there is the connection is between the family and the location of the chateau?

    Joyce 🙂

  2. Hello friends,
    Joyce- Bonjour! I am glad to see you again.
    I did dome basic homework for these posts and went back for the more “historically challenged”, like yourself.
    Yes, the Paris suburb city that is twinned with your home city has indeed ancient links to the De Montmorency family. Here is how:
    In the year 996, a stronghold in the town now known as Montmorency, was taken over by a man named “Bouchard the Bearded”, who passed these “spoils “down to his beir, Bouchard I De Montmorency. This heir had the order to reconstruct the stronghold. A castle was built there( no longer standing if I understood well), and the family name was perpetuated…
    Here’s hoping that you enjoy this series! xo

    Zhu- I am glad that you enjoyed the stained glass windows! Maybe I like this chapel because of the spiritual aspect. But, everyone is different. To believe or not is a personal question that I never want to use to seperate.

    I believe, but I also believe that we are friends and find the good in each of us 🙂

  3. Oh, Barbara….these photos of the chapel are just stunning!

    As you already know, I have such fascination with visiting chapels and churches. I find them all so utterly peaceful and reverent. Especially the smaller ones because they have, as you shared, a cozy element to them.

    Thank you so much for sharing, my friend! Thoroughly enjoyed this pictorial tour!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    X to you and D!

    The shots of the stain glass window are just lovely. As well as the ceiling. I would love to hear that organ play.

  4. Hi Ronnie,

    You are very welcome, my dear.
    Each person experiences places of worship in a personal way. Some people avoid them, other just relate to the architecture or History.
    I also, like to feel the peace and strenght inside these places, and open my eyes for the architecture.

    These stained glass windows were not showy(rather gentle colors), but they bring light and beauty. Everyone in the chapel was bending their necks to admire the ceiling!

    You mentionned about how nice it would be to hear the organ. I have seen concert announcements in the château on some web pages. So, its possible!

    xo and happy weekend.

  5. Hi Barbara,

    Thanks for the extra bit of “homework”! Very interesting to learn of these connections. Our little town has a street named Montmorency Road!

    Joyce x

  6. Bonjour Joyce,

    Knowing how important a sister city can be, it was a pleasure to come up with this historical tidbit. Even at home, you have Montmorency road! Très bien!

    See you soon.

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