Entering the apartments

This is to give you an idea of a renaissance era living space.  This was the apartment of  Anne de Montmorency, the Duke that I presented in the previous about the chapel.

You can see that the color schemes are in dark shades, with heavy pieces of furniture such as chests of drawers or massive tables. Notice the ceiling with the wooden beams. The ceilings are sometimes painted (this one was not).

It was already very dark inside, because they have to keep the blinds closed to preserve the paintings and tapestries from the sunlight. I will show you some of the era furnishings the next time. It was iffy lighting to photograph in.

Since we our big Nikon is not working well, we were using a smaller model by the same manufactuer (we have been using this one since winter).

It is time to bring in some light, which you will do when you scroll down to see my next post.

Have a great day and see you soon!


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