Wood masterpieces

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to a bygone era; the era of craftsmanship…

There were a few examples of period  woodwork scattered through the Renaissance château. The pieces displayed looked unique and expertly made. Most were of a dark mahogany shade  and were rather austere and heavy.

At the time that these fifteenth  to sixteenth century pieces were crafted, the world would have to wait  several centuries before the mass manufacturing of furniture and goods.

The Renaissance seemed to be a place to take one’s time… Time to gently carve and coax images out of wood:

In our humble opinion, this chest of drawers was the most impressive piece of furniture at the château d’Ecouen.

Absolutely gorgeous! Little drawers, and a small niche with a painting (click for a closer look). Oh, the  things that I could stash in those  cute little drawers.

A wood carving of  a lady warrior (that is a woman’s chest!).

Another carving with loads of finely carved details…

And finally, a renaissance era chair to squeeze into( limited “wiggle room” on the seat).


4 thoughts on “Wood masterpieces

  1. Salut Zhu,
    That is SO funny that you looked at this after a day at Ikea. Like comparing night and day!
    We have never known these types of furnishings in our modern homes but, what happened to quality? Out the window…

    Bises 🙂

  2. Hey there Barbara!

    HOLY COW! The detailed craftsmanship in these pieces is AMAZING!

    I laughed so hard at Zhu’s comment about Ikea. Yup, no comparison!

    Quality is gone 😦

    Thanks for sharing, my friend! Enjoyed!


  3. Hi Ron,
    Yes, Ikea dosen’t compare to the masters! I haven’t bought furniture from there yet( maybe now I never will).

    This Renaissance quality lasted just… 3 centuries. Not bad at all.

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