You can’t leave home without one…

Whether you are trekking the globe or just keeping up with life at home, a watch is something we all need.

I LOVE watches and timepieces. Put me in front of a jeweler’s window and I will be more fascinated by the style and beauty of a watch than by any diamond ring. Because watches combine the beautiful with the practical.

I enjoyed the small display of pocket watches at the château. Here are a few views :

It must haven taken months or even years, to create without sophisticated machinery, a single pocket watch. I would have been curious to see if any of these watches still were in working condition.

Tomorrow, I will wrap up this mini tour of the château to visit the most brilliant place of them all. Stay tuned…


3 thoughts on “Tick-tack

  1. Hey there Barbara!

    Gorgeous watches and timepieces!

    “It must haven taken months or even years, to create without sophisticated machinery, a single pocket watch.”

    Yes, and I bet they would outlive the watches of today. I adore pocket watches.

    A branch of the company I work for makes all their watches in Switzerland, STILL by hand. That’s why they’re so expensive. They actually gave me one after working for them for a year. It’s flawless.

    Thanks for sharing, my friend! Enjoyed this post!

    Happy Monday…..X

  2. I love watches, even if these days you can easily check the time on a cellphone or a MP3 players 😉 I have two or three and change depending on my mood. The mecanism inside has always fascinated me. Telling time… such a simple thing, yet so much technology inside a watch!

  3. Hello friends-
    Ronnie- Welcome back! I really loved these too. Yes; you may be able to wind them up and they may just be still working.
    No cheap plastic here!
    How wonderful that you received a high quality Swiss watch for your work. Wow! Thats what I want if we win the lottery!!

    Hugs to ya, dude x

    Zhu- Salut!
    I love everyhting about watches! Their style, their sound and yes, watch mechanisms. I am fascinated with small things.
    I would rather have a watch than look at a cell or MP3, but thats just me. That is how the younger generations keep track of time!
    Grosses bises 🙂

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