A brilliant ending

This last exhibit at the château was like the shiny red cherry on a cake.

After seeing so many things (tapestries, portraits, furniture and objects of all types), we went up the stairs to the second floor. Nothing on our brochure could prepare us for this shock…

Here we were at the European Goldsmith collection and yes, all these objects are all made of gold and other precious metals. Which explained that massive door  that closes the room every night. It was the only exhibit that had a door so, that shows you that these pieces are extra precious.

Inside a darkened room was a selection of glimmering pieces spread out in lighted glass cases. People’s reactions were immediate; some people stood mesmerized before this glittering spread, while others oohed and aahed.

I am leaving you with a few selections of the collection:

The fanciest snail in the universe…

Hey guys; how about drinking your “brew” in this mug? It looks massive. I could develop biceps just drinking liquids out of it.

Fancy centerpiece…

A marriage goblet. The top and the dress on the bottom are goblets (the big one for the husband).

And finally, ending with the emblem of the château; this lady is the Daphne by the artist Jamnitzer. She is actually in silver and  coral . In Greek mythology, Daphne was transformed into a laurel tree and the coral part of the artwork symbolizes laurel branches.

I hope that you enjoyed the tour of the château. We hope to do another château one day soon.

Happy weekend to all!


6 thoughts on “A brilliant ending

  1. Hey there Barbara~

    Yup, I was oohing and aahing over each one of these magnifcent pieces.

    OMG, they’re gorgeous! I bet it was amazing to see them in person.

    Enjoyed viewing all of them, however that last one (Daphine) blew me away!!!

    Thank you for sharing your visit to the chateau. I enjoyed it thoroughly!

    Happy weekend!

    X to you and D!

  2. Hi Ronnie,

    Its nice to see you 😉
    This was such a magnificent room! Really, your head doesn’t know what way to turn.
    D thought that I shouldn’t show such precious things(worrying about theft). But, I think that the security must be beefed up!

    If I go back, I really want to photograph other shiny pieces 🙂
    I am happy if you enjoyed the tour. Our little camera limited the possibilites but, I think that we came out OK.

    Happy Easter to ya! Don’t eat too much chocolate!! xo

  3. Wow, they sure liked shiny stuff! Like I said last time, not the kind of things we can afford buying these days 😆 Ah, la vie de château…!

  4. Salut Zhu,
    Yes, we don’t have any of these type of things stashed at home either! I personally would rather travel than have riches, but the price was right just to enter the château and see all the beautiful things. Yes, la vie de château is great if you can afford it!

  5. Hi Barbara .. fantastic post ..:-) the tour was amazing … ♥

    And I thought I had come to the wrong blog .. you have changed it .. Looks super xx

  6. Hi Anne,
    I am so happy that you enjoyed the tour 😉
    Oh yes; you have been busy/ on the road awhile. You came back to see this clean new look. I love new starts and new and improved looks 🙂

    Take care?

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