Dancing with angels

I have not forgotten my blog and my friends who stop by. Bless you for checking in.

Please stay tuned in the coming days to see some pictures of a recent jaunt through one of Paris’ most famous cemeteries, Montparnasse cemetery. I have been there a very long time ago, but have been looking for ideas for outings that are close to home and inexpensive. This is a fascinating spot in the southern part of Paris  that is full of many elaborate graves. There are many celebrities buried here, too, especially from the artistic or literary fields.

I am not “spooked” by the idea of visiting a cemetery. If you do not know me, you do not know that I am a hobby genealogist. In other words, I research my family tree. Genealogists all “dig”( excuse the pun), cemeteries. and it is not unusual for them to look for any possible ancestors or kin through the information engraved on tombstones.

I will leave you for now with my friend, the angel.

Instead of putting him in b&w or sepia, I left him that blue sky above . Blue sky always fills us with hope or happiness  and I think this looks prettier than in b&w.

You too, spread your wings and fly…


6 thoughts on “Dancing with angels

  1. So true Barbara … Spread your wings and FLY …:-)

    Karin has just been there this week .. she is going to do a post too ♥

    Brilliant that you left the Angel in colour , with the blue sky too 🙂

    Hugs Anne

  2. Hi Anne,

    This is really a good place for locals and visitors. I am reminded about all sorts of people; artists, politicians,writers, scientists, etc. And of course, there are everyday people that want to be “different”.
    I am glad that you liked the angel; he inspires me. I wish that I had wings and could fly about!
    Big hugs to you xox

  3. Paris has some of the world’s most famous cemeteries and while I wouldn’t make it a regular hang-out, they are worth visiting. We went to La Recoleta, Buenos Aires’ famous cemetery as well.

  4. Salut Zhu,
    I like old cemeteries and yes, Paris has some great ones. A must see for visitors. I will have to settle for Paris/ Paris area sites right now. I think that Buenos Aires is very beautiful, but it is not in my budget right now.

  5. Faaaabulous shot of the angel, Barbara!

    And you’re right….I think it looks prettier in color!

    Well, as you know….I ADORE cemeteries and am not at all spooked by them either. Oddly enough, I find them peaceful and meditative.

    So, needless to say, I’m SO looking forward to your future posts. Can’t wait!

    Hope you had a marvi Monday, my friend!


  6. Hi Ronnie,

    Hey there! Thank you, dearie. I love angels and I liked the idea of letting him kick off this tour. I was so impressed that I went back since last weekend( talk about motivation).
    I will start posting tomorrow :
    Knowing that some people might call you and me “kooks”, since we like to stroll cemeteries, I will tell you what is on my “wish list” for our future trip to Philly: a trip to Mount Laurel Cemetery.

    Big hugs and see ya soon! xo

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