Shine on

An unforgettable gravestone as seen on a sunny day:


A mobile on the top.

On the surface of the grave were little “figurines”. This seems to have a very personal meaning that I will not try to explain.


3 thoughts on “Shine on

  1. Intriguing indeed!

    I’m curious to know what these gravestone tops mean. They’re faaaaaaabulous! I love the yin/yang symbol atop of the mobile.

    Thanks for sharing, Barbara!

  2. I also like looking at cemeteries – the engravings on the headtsones in the UK are interesting & many of them tell a tale. Cemeteries in Continental Europe are rather different, and I’ve learned a little more about different customs in those I’ve been to in Zurich and Pere Lachaise in Paris, such as leaving objects and figures on the gravestones. That is appearing now in the UK – photos of the deceased, objects etc. and on the sad little graves of children, toys.

  3. Hello friends,
    Ron- Hey there buddy! Isn’t this so unusual?! This is such a personal vision of eternal rest. Nothing sad or grim here. It feels happy & serene.

    Joyce- Hi Joyce! Its nice to see you. I am sure that this is a very unorthodox style for UK. But as you noted, styles and mentalities are changing. It sounds like traditionally in the UK, there are no objects on the gravestones.

    I am like yourself, when it comes to the children’s graves they often leave me sader than for the adults…

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