A sculpture for eternity

If there is one thing that you will see in abundance in Montparnasse cemetery is sculpture. Since this is a cemetery where many artists rest, you will see a number of creations on the gravestones.

This seems to be a very eclectic selection and I probably have merely scratched the surface…

This one says ” My work is my prayer”.

A wiry dancer.

This sculpture was lying over the loved one’s grave.

A big minored mosaic bird.

And finally, the grief of a man.


3 thoughts on “A sculpture for eternity

  1. *gasping*

    Barbara, these are spectacular! OMG, I’ve never seen anything so unique and beautiful as these gravstones.

    I love the saying on the first one “My work is my prayer.” So true, for all dedicated artists. Their work is their way of expressing their souls.

    The last one actually brought tears to my eyes. I could actually feel the grief.

    Thank you so much for sharing these exquisite photos, my friend!



  2. Hi friends!
    Ronnie- Hey there dude! You are right; it is rare to find sculptures on gravestones. I have never seen any like this in the US, and most average cemeteries never have any.

    Weren’t these fab?! I was moved also. I have already felt like the man in the last photo or the one that is lying down.

    It was a pleasure to share xo

    Zhu- This is an unique place! I am sure that other original creations are scattered among the rows. Each statue is one of a kind and must fit the personality of the person.
    I think that they are sending a message to the living.

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