I will be very soon wrapping up my brief look at Montparnasse cemetery…

But, I cannot leave with a visit to a few of  it’s stars. There are others who rest here that I missed.

Many stars from music and film that have their final resting place here. What was even more fascinating than finding these stars, was the “cult” aspect that is attached to some even years after their passing.

To start, I did my “special effects” coloring to evoke old films. For this is the gravestone of the father of the conservation and restoration of films in France. As it is engraved on the stone, he is the founder of the “Cinémathèque Française”.

You may not be able to see it well but the whole stone is made of small images. On the front, there are many little images from different films, and on the top, images of the man himself.

That is cool that he is in many sucessive images, like in a film.

Another film artist, below. He was a producer of films, especially musicals.

A gravestone that was almost absent of  offerings, except these. Someone left a handwritten note that said:

” These Japanese cherry blossoms fell on the ground and their pinkish-violet  color was like the color in the tapestries of…” (sorry; I didn’t read the end)

Touching and sensitive…

This is another feeling here. This is an actor’s gravestone. It looks a bit neglected, but not forgotten.

Relics which include rocks, corks( the actor liked his wine!) and an ashtray.

And finally, a popular singer named Serge Gainsbourg. His gravestone is filled to the brim with the adoration of fans. He is very visited. We didn’t photograph it closer up but people leave him lighters, cigarettes and notes.

There he is…


3 thoughts on “Stardust

  1. Barb, Barb, Barb….I ADORE this post!!!!!

    And I love your “special effects” coloring, because it truly did evoke old films – great touch!

    And yes, it was very touching to read the handwritten note on Jacques Demy’s gravestone.

    I’ve so enjoyed this graveyard tour, my friend! Hate to see it end 😦 But, I look forward to more of your trips!

    Thank you for sharing!


  2. A snapshot of French culture! Gainsbourg is such an icone and yet a lot of people abroad don’t know him, even after he was with British Jane Birkin.

    Remember what he said to Witney Houston? 😆

  3. Hello friends!

    Ronnie- I knew that you would go APE with this one! Especially with a movie theme!!
    The purple tinge makes me think about a silent film that I saw with (I think) Douglas Fairbanks Sr- “The thief of Bagdad”. I remember seeing that and others on PBS and I enjoyed silent films.

    The cult aspect is fascinating. Each star inspires different offerings and gestures. I like the delicate feeling of Jacques Demy’s fan but appreciate the variety of the others too.

    Cheers to ya! xo

    Zhu- Now, Zhu brings up an old incident on French TV when Whitney Houston was 16 or 17. She was next to Gainsbourg( who was either tipsy or just acting crazy) and he said to Houston on nat’l TV ” I want to F**k you” in English, and she understood! He even said it in French when the host tried to cover up what he really said.

    One of the craziest moments on live TV in France :))

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