Once upon a time…

The story behind the zoo that we visited has been told many times on TV and in the press in France. But, the story behind the zoo and its founder are perhaps less well-known outside of Europe. Its my pleasure to tell it .

I love a success story and this story is tremendous.

Once upon a time in Paris, there was a lady who loved birds. Her name was Françoise Delord.

This is the cover of her book (Image borrowed from the zoo website).

Ms. Delord loved her birds so much that it was said that a part of her apartment was an aviary!  Of course, space is always a big thing in apartments. It became too crowded both for man and best and it was time to move.

Finally, Ms. Delord found a place in Central France where she was able to settle her aviary. This became an ornithological park in 1980. In 1989, the park  became the Zoo parc de Beauval and acquired monkeys and tigers. Tigers became the zoo’s big attraction in the 1990s when it was announced that they had acquired white tigers. I will show you those a little later 🙂

But through the years, the park has acquired many other species. The zoo park is also very concerned with the preservation of numerous species and participates in breeding programs with other parks. Ms. Delord and her family have been operating the zoo park since the past 30 years.

My hubby and I first visited the Zoo parc de Beauval towards 1994 and returned in 1999. Each time, we observed how this park has grown, and become very popular. We have enjoyed each visit though are aware how this zoo has become such a popular  destination .

For the more curious of you, here is the zoo’s website: http://www.zoobeauval.com/

It is over for now. But cheer up; more photos are coming!


4 thoughts on “Once upon a time…

  1. Hey there Barbara!

    What a wonderful story you share here! And what an amazing woman Ms. Delord is. Bless her!

    When I saw the image of her in that first photo, I initally thought she looked very much like Audrey Hepburn.

    FAN-TAB-U-LOUS capture of the gorillla!!!! OMG…the expression on his/her face is PRICELESS! It looks as though they’re saying, “I am NOT amused!”


    Thanks for sharing this today, my friend. Muchly enjoyed!


  2. Hello my dear friend .. that photo certainly cheered me up no end ha ha ha .. reminds me of someone .. Look forward to lots more xoxo

  3. Hello my dear,
    I am glad that you could stop by. Now, how could that picture not remind you of someone?! Amazing how primates remind us about… the human species! They are the closest cousins to man. We saw another gorilla that had its fist under the chin, like a thinker! But, the glass spoiled the scene. Oh well; this one came out smashing 🙂

    Big hugs xoxo

  4. Ronnie-

    It is very funny that you mention Audrey Hepburn, who is an actress. Because Ms. Delord was under the spot lights as a model as a young lady. You can see some of her earlier pics in the book image. She has a “star quality” to her looks!

    Ms Delord is still a very photogenic and attractive woman 🙂

    Yes, the gorilla’s expression is priceless. That is one of the best pics of the day! “I am not amused- indeed! 🙂
    Have a nice day xo

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