Watch the birdy!

For anyone that loves parrots and tropical birds, the zoo parc de Beauval is a major treat. Each time we have visited we have been enchanted by the colors, squawks and flight of birds of all shapes and sizes.

The problem with aviaries for the photographer is the chain link fencing. It is very hard to work around. A major challenge which explains why I left certain pics out.  Fortunately, a few cages had glass windows and here was also a tropical hothouse. We were in total adoration of this hothouse  which was filled with tropical plants and some free birds back in ’94.  But sadly it has changed; the beautiful plants still thrive but  there are now birds in cages. Though a couple of free birds still can be seen.

Enjoy these beauties:

Keeping busy chewing a twig.

This fellow is an Australian Kookaburra. He is best known for his crazy mocking cry( but, he didn’t seem to be in a crazy mood that day).

A variety of Hornbill.

How much more tropical can you get? A toucan among vibrant purple blooms! This photo really looks better bigger(click on the picture).

A Victoria crowned pigeon, which originally is from Papua New Guinea.

This was taken in he tropical hothouse. I took one look and found it very exotic. Two birds enjoy the refreshment of the water as mists shroud the background.


4 thoughts on “Watch the birdy!

  1. *thunderous applause*

    Barbara, these shots are AMAZING!!!!

    How beautiful these birdies are!

    The one of the tucan bird reminded me of the cereal, Fruit Loops! And that shot of the crowned pigeon is stunning! It actually looks like a peacock!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend! LOVED it!


  2. Dedene- Its nice to see you. I love this zoo and the birds were our “first love” :). Yes; make a trip over this summer!

    Ron- Thank you honey. We enjoyed taking them, minus the chain linking. I guarentee you; if you see a real Toucan up close, Toucan Sam of fruit loops will never be the same! They jump around a lot!!
    I wonder if that beak is hollow or not; one toucan kept drooping its beak(like it was heavy). LOL!!
    It is always a pleasure to share xox

    Zhu- We managed to get some nice ones but there was also very big chain links that came out ugly! We try our best. These are not bad at all. Bises.

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