Do not disturb

Nap time for the big cats…

By the time that we came over to the feline’s home, they were all in dreamland.

The famous white tigers of Beauval. These tigers are the reason that we first came to this zoo in the 90’s. Of course, they still have stripes. But, they are lighter than the normal tiger’s stripes, and otherwise lack pigmentation. Since being introduced to this zoo, they have prospered and have produced new generations.

They were bunched up in a corner. We managed a shot on the observation deck, zooming in a maximum on the sleeping family.

Two leopard buddies.


3 thoughts on “Do not disturb

  1. *applauded loudly*

    Barbara….how wonderful that you captured this moment. To me, there is nothing more peaceful than watching a cat sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

    Out of all the big cats, tigers are my favorite.

    As soon as I saw these photos, I thought of the magicians Siegfried and Roy, who actually raise white tigers and use them in their magician acts.

    GREAT post, my friend!


  2. Hi guys 🙂
    Ron- Thank you, hon. They were easy subjects since they were not moving! I have to like tigers; the tiger is my Asian astrology sign.
    I had completely forgotten about Siegfried & Roy using white tigers! They are very beautiful and unforgettable.

    Zhu- Yes! Like big “peluches”(plush animals). How I would have loved to run my fingers through their fur. But, I don’t think that they would like that! I neither, if my fingers become a snack. Hehe… 🙂

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