Funny face

It is with this very funny shot below,  that I will end the tour of the zoo parc de Beauval.

As usual, I have so many pictures! So many pictures, so little time! I have tried to put different species so as you can get an idea of the variety in this zoo.

But, there are always a few photos that stand out for one reason or the other.May it be the lighting at the moment, the right angle or just the whole scene being perfect.

Photographing animals adds an additional spice. Expect to miss a lot of shots because they are always jumping around or flying back & forth. It takes time and endless patience.

But, this shot definitely stands up and out!

What in the world is going on? It is just a giraffe with a serious case of the munchies!

The giraffe was reaching up go grab some leaves. We were on an elevated deck and was just at the giraffe’s eye level. It was a very good catch!

I am hoping that you enjoyed the tour 🙂

What is coming next??

I have a new summer project in the works. If all goes well, it will occupy me once a week/ once every two weeks  for this summer. An announcement to be made tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Have a good day everyone!


6 thoughts on “Funny face

  1. *applauding wildly*

    Faaaaaaaaaaaaabulous capture, Barbara!!!!!

    Love it! Love it! Love it!

    Aren’t giraffe’s the cutest dang things? They’ve got the sweetest face!

    Thank you so much for this tour, I enjoyed it so much. And I look forward to your next project!!!

    Have a wonderful day, my friend!


  2. Hi friends!
    Zhu- She is a diva! She was completely at ease in front of several avid photographers. La gourmandise est un vilain défaut 🙂
    Bises x
    Ronnie- I knew that you would be laughing hard!! I just love those big eyes with those long lashes. It is enough to make human girls jealous 🙂
    You are very welcome for the tour. It was a pleasure but, one of our greatest photo challenges of the year so far! xo

  3. Hi there v,

    Thanks for visiting 🙂
    I LOVE these types of shots! It was complete chance and the giraffe took its time munching to allow a close up.
    Thanks for your kind words and hope to see you soon.

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