I want you- become a guest photo blogger this summer!

I am presenting a new challenge this summer on this blog.  Become a guest blogger!

You can participate if :

–  You have a blog (a real one that has personal texts or photographs).

–  You have  interesting and photogenic shots of your travels.

Your photos only.  If I can present personal photography each time, you can too!

You are open to sharing one or several photographs with this blog audience.

Hibiscus flower – Hawaii, USA.

But, you don’t even have to be a  photo blogger. Even if you do another type of blog  but you love to take and share  photographs of your travels, you can join us here this summer!

Please leave me a message below with your blog link. I  will visit your link and get in touch with you.

When I approve your website, I will e mail you and see what  we can arrange.

You choose your best shot and how you want to be presented on my blog (such as; a photograph with a simple caption or a photograph with a text of your making). All photographs and texts will be pre-approved by me.

Depending on the response, I will post either once a week or once every two weeks.

Leave your comments below and join the fun! I am looking forward to seeing your creations.


13 thoughts on “I want you- become a guest photo blogger this summer!

  1. You GO, girl!

    This new project sounds AWESOME!! And I have a wonderful feeling that it will take off!

    Later this month I may even participate 🙂

    The best to you, my friend!


  2. Ron- Hey there buddy! Thanks for your good vibes. I am trying it out and see how this flies. Of course, you are very welcome. Just drop me a mail when you are ready.

    Zhu- Now, this is really something that you like! It just has to be a photo taken on a trip but of anything; exotic people,scenery,monuments, flora or fauna. Let your imagination free! Bises.

  3. Hi Barbara
    thanks for your visit
    I have not traveled much other than local day trips
    would that be OK?
    I do have tons of stuff in my archives from all over
    I may go that way
    I’ll find a few shots and then I’ll e-mail them to you


    1. Hi Dianne,
      It is a pleasure to have you here.
      I say that if a day trip is travel for you and takes you to a new place and to new people then why not?
      Because whatever place that you will be showing us will probably be a discovery for everyone here.
      Thank you for wanting to participate and see you soon!

  4. Hi Bijoux,
    Thank you! You should have both my comment on your blog + the pm that I sent. I enjoyed my trip over to your blog and will return.
    See you soon!

  5. Hi Xavier,

    Thank you for joining! The more the merrier… It will be interesting to see the many forms of photographic expression that will be expressed..
    I hope to see you soon!

  6. Hey Barbara…just wanted to pop by again to see how things are going.

    Woot! Woot! So glad to see some familiar faces here- yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

    Have a great day, my friend!

    X ya!

  7. Hi Ronnie,
    Thanks for taking a peek! It is going like gangbusters!
    I can’t believe the stats, too. Yes, you will recognize a few faces and perhaps meet a few new ones.
    I just love this 🙂

    Hugs to ya, dude! xo

  8. Oh, what a fun idea.

    It’s Ron’s fault I’m here. LOL
    HE knows I’m just a putzer with the camera.

    Dunno WHAT I’d have to offer, but by golly it’d be great fun to just be allowed to watch from the sidelines and ‘ohhh’ and ‘ahhh’ over folk’s ‘stuff’!
    Can I watch? 🙂
    Maybe if I get a bit gutsier, participate IF I can land on something.

    Yeahyeahyeah……LOL…call me a wuss! 😉

  9. Hi Mel,

    It is nice to see you. If you ever change your mind, you can always e mail a pic. You will see.
    My goodness; if we had a penny for each thing that friends got us into!!
    Whatchya think, Ronnie? LOL!! 🙂

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