Coming soon – Zhu – guest photo blogger

First off, Thank you so much for the tremendous response to this guest photo blogger challenge!  Not only has my stat counter  been going somewhat ballistic, I have also been seeing new faces and new blogs. Keep it up and don’t be shy about commenting!

Even if you don’t participate with pictures, come and check out some awesome photography and tell us what you think.

It is also nice to start the day with goodies inside your inbox. I received this morning two pictures from my friend, Zhu. I will feature her pictures next Monday.

For those of you who may not know Zhu, start by taking a peek at her blog right here it is called  Correr Es Mi Destino .  Zhu is an avid photographer and traveler that features  both marvelous photography and posts about life in Canada.

I hope to see everyone soon. Yes, if anyone else fancies being a guest photo blogger, please drop a comment.

Bye for now, shutter bugs!



7 thoughts on “Coming soon – Zhu – guest photo blogger

  1. Hi Valerie,
    Sure, no problem. Come over and enjoy. I also have loads of pics already on this blog that you browse, too.
    I’ll stop over your blog and say Hi;
    Have a great week and thanks again.

  2. “Not only has my stat counter been going somewhat ballistic, I have also been seeing new faces and new blogs.”

    Woot! Woot! That’s WONDERFUL!!!!! I’m soooooooo happy for you, my friend. I had a feeling this project was going to be ace!

    Looking forward to Zhu’s photos!!!!

    Have a great day, Barb!


  3. Hi friends-
    Ronnie- Well, if it isn’tt my Godfather! Lol!!! You got the ball rolling for me. Isn’t creation exciting?! Lets see where this takes us all
    We will see you on the blogs!
    Zhu- You are very welcome! Next Monday is your turn and I am glad to do it. I hope you will enjoy all this sharing and visiting. I am having a great time!

  4. Hi Barbara,

    What an offer – and a challenge. Could I be a guest photo blogger too? I have a few shots which immediately come to mind, but then there’s quite a lot to choose from so it may take a while to ponder on. But I’d live to have a go if you’re up for this!

    Joyce x

  5. Joyce,
    You are very welcome to join us. Please do! I have seen some of your pictures and there were some beautiful scenes.
    You have time to mull over your archives and think about it. I have two guest bloggers to post about next week. You can see the choices that they made.

    Thank you for participating and I am looking forward to seeing your photograph(s).


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