Guest photo blogger – Zhu –

Today’s guest photo blogger wants to get us into an “urban state of mind”. Zhu  presents  two different views of downtown Ottawa, Canada.

Zhu’s Ottawa:

” The first is a close-up of a  totem that is in downtown Ottawa”.

I love the texture of this photo. You could almost run your fingers through it.

” The second is a view from the the heart of  of the city”.   Perhaps, you  need a map?  : ) Where to go next?!

I think that my blogger friend is a modest person. She has been around the world but, chooses to present Ottawa!  I think that there might be a bit of pride there, too. Because even if  Zhu is French-born and raised, she is a naturalized Canadian citizen. She calls Ottawa home but, at heart Zhu is a citizen of the world.

She knows nothing better than traveling with her hubby, backpacks and of course, camera, to experience life in new places. She regularly returns to France and it was a great pleasure for my hubby & I to meet her in 2009.

Thank you again, Zhu! I hope that you enjoyed this photo sharing experience.

Don’t go far this week; more photos are coming on Friday. I will be presenting the photographs of Xavier.


14 thoughts on “Guest photo blogger – Zhu –

  1. Hi everyone-
    Dedene- I hope that you are having a good summer 🙂
    Thank you for Zhu. I hope that you will be back for another view on Friday. See you soon.

    Joyce- Hi! I agree with you about the texture. This is beautiful.
    It is a success if a photo can bring a feeling or an impression.
    We are all making art at the click of a button.

  2. Thank you for featuring my shots! I wanted to give you some pictures that hadn’t been published, hence the choice for recent Ottawa pics 😉

  3. Hi Zhu,
    It was my pleasure to feature these. No problem for the choice of location. It was an honor to feature these brand new pics. I still do think that you are a humble person. As they say “home is where your heart is”.
    Grosses bises.

  4. Awesome shots, Zhu!!!!!

    And as Barbara shared about your first image, I LOVE the texture!!!

    ” Because even if Zhu is French-born and raised, she is a naturalized Canadian citizen. She calls Ottawa home but, at heart Zhu is a citizen of the world.’

    How wonderful! I’ve never been to Canada, but I know many people who have and they all share the same sentiment – It’s faaaaaaaaaabulous! Purhaps one day I will get there.

    Thank you for sharing your photography, Zhu. Really enjoyed it!

    And thank you too, Barb!

    Have a grrrrrrrreat week!


  5. Hi Ronnie,
    I am happy that you enjoyed these pictures. They were done by a real photography buff. She puts her heart into her photographs.
    You know already that hubby & I loved each trip to Canada. I would love to go to Ontario one day. You too, get on over there one day!

    No problem, kiddo. See you on Friday.

  6. Hello-
    Bijoux- Hi! Now that I think of it, I have never seen a totem with a happy smile… Yes, this is a beautiful finding.
    Xavier- How are you? I think that Ontario is just a hop & skip over from where you are. I am happy that you enjoyed both pictures. I am looking forward to publishing yours on Friday!

  7. Hi Xavier,
    I agree that 200 miles is not too bad to go down to Canada. Thats a lot better than what I can do at over 3,000 miles from Paris down to Ottawa… I probably lost a few hundreds of miles here & there.

    My pleasure for letting you participate in this fun game.
    You are on very soon… See you on Friday!

  8. Hi Mel,
    Zhu does some excellent work. Go to her blog to see more beautiful pictures. It takes an artist to portray many different moods and with success.
    Thanks for stopping by!

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