Guest photo blogger – Xavier –

I am happy to welcome Xavier to this blog. He is another newbie at Photo Dreamin’! Xavier’s blog is called Strange Kinda Man.

I am reminded when I read blogs like Xavier’s that it is always a good deal to laugh each day. And I laughed more than once when I read Xavier’s posts! He blogs about anything and everything, which is always a refreshing change for me.

Xavier’s photographs remind me that paradise is where you find it. It can be anywhere, even in your own back yard. Travel need lot necessarily lead you to the farthest horizons, but can take you closer to yourself and your loved ones.

I will let Xavier do the talking, now:

“This first picture holds a special place in my heart. My wife and I visited Watkins Glen, NY for our 25th anniversary recently and this was the view up through the trees from the Glen trail.
What’s the big deal? Well, come August 17th it will be 32 years since we decided to begin dating and we made that decision while in Watkins Glen State Park not far from this very spot. While the picture quality is not what I hoped for this is a picture of the falls mid-trail. I include this picture to set up for the next”.

I love the light and “sparklies” up in the foliage. When the big date rolls around, do have a happy 25th anniversary!Β  No wonder why with this special feeling in your photo, you put it on your blog.

“Those falls led right into a heart shaped pool which you can make out in this photo. We call it our love pool in case you were wondering.
(Just for the record, she was just over 3/4ths my age when we began dating. I was 17….)”.

How romantic can you get at such a tender age?! Hot stuff! . Honestly, this is a gorgeous place. Who could not fall in love here?

“This seems so out of place, yet is rather fitting. I pass this farm on my drive home from work and it reminds me of my uncle’s farm where I worked until Spring of 1979 and
is really not incredibly far from Watkins Glen, under an hours’ drive. It fits because I quit working on the farm in May and if I had not I would have not been able to be on the
camping trip at Watkins Glen where I ‘discovered’ who my soul-mate was”.

Of course, I agree. You needed that bit of destiny to meet up with your special lady. I am sure that you think of your special summer every time you drive past.

” This also may seem out of place and, to be honest, this is not a ‘trip’ it’s my own backyard. My garden reminds me often of the farm that I left many years ago and of what I might have missed had I stayed on that farm. This is where I go when I need a moment of peace but often I go here to remind me ……”

This must be Xavier’s “daily trip”; growing his own veggies. That is cool. I always say that anyone who is passionate about growing plants, cannot be a violent person. Because it takes love to nurture plants. I am more than sure that everyday, you “get away” just behind the house. A haven of peace in a world of insanity.

I really enjoyed these pictures and thank you, Xavier for these touching mementos.

See everyone soon!


15 thoughts on “Guest photo blogger – Xavier –

  1. Hi Xavier! Welcome to Barbara’s blog. Nice to meet you!

    Wonderful photos! I just had to click on them to see each image enlarged and up close.

    WOW…love the first one! And such a touching story to go with the image. Happy Pre-Anniversary to both you and your wife!

    Also, that second shot is stunning! I like how the sunlight illuminated the wall on the left, making the rocks look as though they’re a different color.

    And I am sooooo envious of your beautiful garden. The only green thumb I have is growing mold on my bathroom shower tiles – HA!

    Great post, Xavier! Thanks for sharing your photos, thoroughly enjoyed!

    @Barb – another FAB photo guest post, my friend!

    Have a terrific weekend!


  2. Hi Ronnie,

    It’s nice to see you here! I enjoyed this excursion into NY State, too.
    And what a romantic story to go with the pictures! πŸ™‚
    The waterfalls really are just as beautiful as anything you may seen in the West Indies. “Jamaica? No, New York State!”

    Xavier’s photographs were a real treat. When I saw the picture of the red barn, I had a few moments of “longing” for North America. A lingering nostalgia that pops up at odd moments!

    Thanks for stopping by, dear, and for your continued support.

  3. Xavier- You are very welcome! You presented some touching photographs and I was very happy to see them and read your texts.
    I hope that you will enjoy returning to this blog and seeing all types of pictures.

    Dedene- Bonjour! Yes, they were lovely and I think that it was wonderful to have the stories behind them. Happy weekend to you πŸ™‚

  4. Xavier- That is nice to hear. You are always welcome!
    Bijoux- How great that you will seeing this region. It looks spectacular!

    Happy Sunday to all!

  5. bijoux- So true, I hope it’s everything you and hubby want it to be …. and thanks for putting me on to this site!

    Zhu- Isn’t it amazing the mesmerizing serenity of running water? Almost hypnotic in a setting like this.

  6. Wow–what a romantic spot! And a Happy Anniversary to you both–7 years of wooing a woman..LOL Well done, YOU! πŸ˜‰

    And gosh–that barn…..looks like home to me. ‘Cept your garden is to die for….or (in my case) to steal from. LOL I can see how that drive by would pull at your home strings….sure felt like home to me…..

    <– midwest kinda gal

    Thanks for sharing your photos with us–and again, happy anniversary to the both of you!

  7. Hi Mel,
    I enjoyed sharing Xavier’s pics with you all. The setting is beautiful for the love story that is their’s πŸ™‚ I get the same feeling as you like “looks like home to me”, when I see little barns, countryside, quiet towns or the like. It feels like America and that makes this expat very nostalgic…

    I hope to see you around on this blog. There is always room for a few more good people. Cheers!

  8. mel- Wondered if anyone would catch on to that. Yep, 7 years is true. Kinda what happens when she’s 13 at the outset!

    I hate to commute but usually love my 1.5hr drive because it’s almost all farm country. That’s where I started, after all.

    And thanks!

  9. Hi Xavier,
    I was thinking that you both were school sweethearts who waited until after college to tie the knot! That is private life, indeed, but, I will not be asking more.
    I still think that you are a good man to wait so long for your sweetheart!
    A real gentleman…
    Remember that old Beach Boys song?:
    “Wouldn’t it be nice”… I was thinking of that while writing. πŸ™‚

    Cheers to you both!

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