Guest photo blogger – Ron –

Ron is a good friend that I have known since 2008.

Through the greatest of chances, I found my way to his blog which is named Vent. At the time that I stumbled upon Vent in a blog catalogue, I was a volunteer reviewer for the “Rising Blogger“. This is a blog that rewards excellent blog posts with  the “Post of the Day” award.

I started reading Vent and sincerely liked what I read. This led up to a Post of the Day award for Ron, but it also created a friendship. I have been a regular follower of Vent since this time. My husband & am I even met up with Ron when we came through Philly in 2008.

Not only does Ron blog at Vent, he also has a second blog that is just for photography. This second blog is called  Caught my eye.

Ron will be taking us on a journey to his hometown of Philadelphia, PA. It looks like I am doing a switch on you all. Since  he is not traveling but instead, will be taking us on a trip to the place he calls home.

Take it away, Ron:

Scenes Of Philadelphia
One of the greatest things about Philadelphia is its diverse architecture.
We have everything from English, Roman, and French influence within the design of our city’s buildings.
There is also a bit of modern architecture splashed in between.
Philadelphia is truly a photographers paradise.
Personally, I love the look of Philadelphia during the fall and winter months. There is something about the weather during those two seasons, that brings out the magic in the architecture. 
Here are a few photos of various places within this city.
Hope you enjoy!

Philadelphia City Hall.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The Bellevue Stratford Hotel.

The Kimmel Center(with view down Spruce St).

I love these photos as they make me nostalgic for Philly. I want to go back!!
Combining Ron’s blogs with the happy blogs that I read, I start the day off on the right foot.
Thank you again, Ronnie, for wanting to participate!

Have a great day and I hope to see you all soon.


18 thoughts on “Guest photo blogger – Ron –

  1. Hi Ron, you take great pictures. I’ve never been to Philadelphia, but it looks like a nice city.
    Also, your blog VENT, is a hoot. I’m glad that Barb turned me on to your craziness.

  2. Hi friends-
    Dedene- It is indeed a small bloggy world 🙂 People getting to know each other, enjoying a laugh & sharing. I am so glad that I stumbled upon this dude! You too, I think! Enjoy 🙂
    Xavier- Hi! I am glad that you enjoyed this pics.I did too; I could return in the wink of an eye 🙂 Have a nice day!

  3. Greetings Dedene!

    Thank you. Philadelphia is such a GREAT place for photography. It has so much history and diverse architecture, that it BEGS to be photographed.

    Glad you enjoyed Vent. It’s a pretty CRAZY blog – HA! Please stop by whenever you wish.

    Have a great day!

  4. Greetings Xavier!

    Oh, so you’ve been to Philly? Isn’t it a great place to photograph? So many different areas, with so much diverse architecture.

    Thank you for stopping. Nice to meet you. Have a great day!

    1. Yes, been there a few times. Twice on school field trips and many time when visiting the bro-in-law and his brood. They lived just South near Clayton NJ I believe it was. We met them in Philly many times in those days.

  5. Greetings Zhu!

    Thank you. That’s one of things I LOVE about urban life – there so much to photograph!

    I’m pretty new to photography, but it’s something I’ve alway had a passion for. I’m learning a lot as I go along.

    Thank you for stopping by. Nice to meet you!

  6. Hey there Barbara!

    Okay, I first need to give ya a BIG hug….

    ((((( Barb ))))))

    Thank you. Not only for posting my photographs, but more so for being such a GREAT friend. I’m sooooooooooooooo glad we met!

    Thanks for your sweet words. And I look forward to the day when you and hubby come back to Philly for a visit.

    X ya!

  7. Zhu- I think that you will be spoiled for choice to photograph in Philadelphia.
    We went “camera crazy” 🙂
    Ron- A big hug back to ya ((((((Ronnie)))))
    I am so grateful that destiny led me to your page. Can you imagine the chances of meeting among millions of blogs? Or just “bumping into you in Philly? Really, we lucked out. D thinks the world of ya and laughs his head off at times with some posts. Ok; a bit of translation is needed but we manage 🙂

    I am very happy to see you getting to know your public!. Please, do chat and get to know everyone. They all have interesting blogs that you will enjoy.
    See you soon, buddy!!

  8. Amazing photos.. and how wonderful that you “bumped” into each other in Philly 🙂 Love the idea of “guest bloggers” Barbara, wonder who you will have next ? 🙂 hugs anne xox

  9. Greetings Anne!

    Thank you. Yes, that’s one of the neatest things about blogging, meeting people like Barbara and becoming longtime friends.

    And isn’t this the coolest idea she had about having ‘guest bloggers’ ?

    Take care, Anne!

  10. Okay–how can you NOT fall in love with the first two?! Ohmygosh…..the details are amazing, sir!
    Well done!

    And while I’ve not had the honour to share space with you, I need you to know it’s been an honour to share cyber-space with you!

    Thanks for letting me be a part of the gallery here, Barb!
    You’ve been very kind.

    1. *waving*
      Hiya Mel!

      Aw…..thank you, dear lady. And thank you for stopping by Barb’s blog. She’s an awesome lady who you are going to LOVE getting to know!


  11. Hi Mel,

    I think that Ronnie does a great job. He is our man in Philly!
    I think the sharing cyberspace peacefully is an honor with all of you. I have been on your blog and will add you to my merry blog roll today 🙂

    Thank you for coming and sharing good cheer. It is much appreciated!

  12. Hi Anne,
    Hoping that all is going well.
    You personally know what it is like to meet bloggers in person. We have had the same scenario; meet online than offline!
    I love this city; I think that I have already written on my blog that I have a part of my roots in this city.;

    Please take care and stay in touch.


    1. Hey there Bijoux!

      Yes, you are absolutely correct – the frieze.

      And thank you, because I took that photo right after I got my new camera and didn’t know what I was doing. I think it was pure luck – HA!

      Thank you for stopping by, dear lady. Muchly appreciated!


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