Coming Tuesday – Joyce – guest photo blogger

This is a sticky note to let you know that next Tuesday, I will be ending the guest photo blogging experience. The next photo blogger will be Joyce. She hails from a small village around Manchester, in England.

We will be going out with a bang with photos of Scotland! I took my sneak preview and downloaded the pictures. They were so beautiful and I think that you will truly love them.

In the meanwhile, I will be spending the weekend with my hubby’s relatives. This means that this will be blog on hold until Tuesday. But, before I leave, I want to present Joyce’s blog link. Her blog  is called  Joyce Hopewell astrological chart interpretations .

Joyce is a professional astrologer. But, don’t think that she just cranks out “cookie cutter” type daily horoscopes. Joyce does her work seriously and uses what is called “the Huber method of Astrological Psychology”. Because each person is unique and needs a personalized analysis to understand him/her.

You can check out her blog link and get a feel for her work.

I personally have always been interested in astrology and had my birth chart done when I was a young adult.  So, I am not ashamed to show my colors:  I am born with a Virgo sun and an Aquarius rising sign.

Have a great weekend and I will catch up to you when I return home!


4 thoughts on “Coming Tuesday – Joyce – guest photo blogger

  1. Hello Valerie,
    Scotland is a country that attracts me but, I haven’t made it there yet.
    Joyce has been there many a time, because she has family there.

    A varied scenery is always preferable to flat and boring horizons, I think!

    I hope to see you on Tuesday. Happy weekend.

  2. Hey there Barbara!

    I am soooooooooooooooo excited to hear about your next guest photo blogge,r because you’ve already shared some wonderful things about her astrology with me!

    Yippppppppppppppppppppeeeeeee! I’m so looking forward to seeing her photos!

    Never been to Scotland, but the images I’ve seen online or in photo books makes it look stunning. As well as Ireland! Green and lush!

    Can’t wait! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!


  3. Hi there Ronnie,
    It is nice to see you! This is my last comment for the weekend. I will be leaving tomorrow afternoon.
    I just know that you will love Joyce’s photos. I know already that you are also into astrology so, you should be interested in reading her blog.

    If I could, I would travel all over Ireland & Scotland. My roots draw me there like a magnet 🙂

    I shall see you next week!! Have a great one 🙂

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